Is it TRUE?!?!


Report: Printers agrees to deal with Ticats
Casey Printers Staff

9/6/2007 8:37:02 AM

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats haven't been winners on the field this season but they have scored a major coup off the field.

According to CKNW in Vancouver, the Ticats have signed quarterback Casey Printers to a three year deal. Terms of the contract were not known. An official announcement is expected out of Hamilton on Thursday.

900 CHML has just reported this news as well.

They say a press conference will be held later today.

TSN is probably the classiest and most credible sports station so it very well could be!!

please, please, please, please, please

I told I Told he was comming ..

It's a 3 year deal!

Yes Been Saying for Past 3 Weeks
he is Comming . I was Right..

Just heard on CHML Casey has signed with the Tiger Cats. Ticats will not confirm. Go Cats Go

Yeee ha!

Greaaaat news !!!!!

One player doesn't make a team,no ,but lets see .....

As I mentioned yesterday, in my post; Casey Printers is signing today, an offical press conference to be held somtime this afternoon. Look for the Ticats to pursue Geroy Simon in the off-season. Here is some more info for yall…


Well, yeah Pat. That's why I put my earlier thread title in caps... :wink:

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Oski Wee Wee,

You are the 3-4 person to post this. Old news at this point :slight_smile:

Still no announcement from the team. It's not official yet. He wants to go to Toronto so don't count out the fact that the Argos could still swoop in and make a bigger offer.

If this happens Hamilton will cry foul, but hey, look what happened to Edmonton a couple months back, when they thought they had a player that ended up going elsewhere. (Sorry, I can't remember who the player was)

The thing in Hamilton compared with cities that have NHL teams, if, and that is a big if, a quarterback or any high profile player for that matter, can help lead the Cats to the promised land, he will be the toast of the town here except among those who live in Hamilton but actually believe they are living in Toronto Leaf Land and just using Hamilton for cheaper housing.

True ,except the Argos don’t swooooop ,they row…(oink)

Casey, just tell me what jersey number you are going to wear so I can order it up already!

Time is money my friend!

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ps. I think I just may join that Printers Union Local 2007.

has Anyone seen BunniTheLyfGard He ownes some Beer and Dinner.. LOL

He will mostly likey be #7
Cause 1 is Taken...