Is It True?

I just heard Kavis Reed was let go? any truth behind that? im too lazy to look.

Yes its true and should come as no suprize that the whole staff should and will be let go

Care to provide some type of proof?

The proof was on display all season on the field.

I heard it on the radio & now i just saw an article in the Toronto Sun. saying they released Kavis Reed, Dennis Mcphee and Jerome Erdman. i'll try and find the article online.


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how could they do that, when everybody knows it was all Joes fault. Ticats would have been winners if only it werent for joe.

Yeah, that stupid Joe Paopao. I heard he's the cause of global warming too. :roll:

Shhhh, don't tell anyone I'm telling you this but Joe was responsible for the tsunami a couple of years ago.

I also was told directly by Joe himself that there is no Santa or Easter Bunny. Anyone know about this????

Not quite, Kavis had his share of problems, he did a poor job of hiding his blitz's and he played way too many man to man coverages. Every other coordinator figured out the best way to stop teams is play zones and force teams to inch up and down the field, for some reason Reed was the only one who didn't believe in that philosophy.

I heard he's the one who designed the new footballs this year.

Good Luck to all our coaches......they are all good guys, very talented, committed and give their best out there. They will all land on their feet whether with the Ticats again, in the CFL, CIS or stateside....

As an example, look at our O-Line coach from the past many years, Mark Murray.....he is absolutely smokin' down at Yale in the U.S. as their tight end coach.....and Yale is almost unbeatable right now....

Here's Coach Murray's (Mur-Man) bio at Yale....

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None of this year's coaches should be retained and half of the players should be axed. This team needs a heart transplant, and that won't happen with the old guard still employed at Ivor Wynne.

with the old guard still employed at Ivor Wynne.
I didnt know there were any guards at Ivor Wynn, let alone an OLD one???

What exactly is heshe guarding? The empty seats?? The bad food? The toilets??

Would a younger guard make a difference??

This is basically meaningless at this point.
The new coach is going to pick his own staff anyway. If he wants any of these guys back then he'll bring them back. But I doubt that will happen.

Coaches and players are paid money to do one thing---win football games. Everything else is gravy (e.g. popular in the community, liked by the players, media friendly, good family guys, etc.) These guys didn't do the only thing they're paid to do so now they're unemployed.

Tough way to make a living.
An Argo fan

While I understand that our new head coach will bring in his own people , Id really like to know how long our defence was on the field this season compared to other teams like Montreal ,BC Calgary , Toronto . Im betting the time was astronomically different .

I think our defenece did really well considering the time on the field AND the injuries to Cheatwood , Cotton , Peterson and the loss of a great DB in Goss .

Kavis Reed did a whale of a job considering all the problems !!!! Hope to see you back Kavis and Dennis !!!!!

Bingo! :thup:

And I'd also like to agree with Habman, that Kavis Reed did a "pretty good job" with our situation this year!

None of these coaches deserve to be back and thankfully they will not return.

Now we're calling it as it is.