IS IT TRUE//????

...I hope the rumour ...out of just that rumour.....Charles Roberts calling it a day.....IF ...this is indeed a fact....WOW....a whole chunk of heart just left this club....It would be a severe set-back to a team...just finding its way....where do you come up with another don't very easily.....I hope this is just some bye-week bull....cuz if it ain't ain't good... :thdn: :cry: :cry:

I haven;t heard anything like this but let's hope its not true. roberts ahs been a big factor for the bomber since he joined the team a few years back. I still remember reading the free press and thinking this guy was going to wrun amuck on the field.

Sounds like rumours being stirred. If the team hasn't announced it, or Roberts haven't announced it, I would just chalk it up to rumours.

Speaking of rumours :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Did anyone hear the one about the Big Trade in December comming up?

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Marty York reports that Dave Dickenson will be dealt to the Bombers for Stegall, and a couple of Draft picks. Apparently Taman wants to get Milt that Grey Cup ring so he's sending him to a team that is consistantly on top! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Stay tuned!

...this stuff about Charlie ..sporty....was picked up off the internet....his personal still could be a nobody has been able to contact him...the local media has tried...however...Taman said he has heard nothing about retirement from Roberts...except for the fact he wanted to play another 2-3years...and was looking to move to the Peg ..year round...i dunno what to think here????????

that trade with Milt going to you guys for Dickenson...could have SOME merit...the question is???? whose goods are damaged more.....both great players...both dinged ...i would say its a deal worth considertation..... :roll: :roll: :roll: ??

Yes it was on the internet but it wasnt on his personal website. It was at on their forums much like these. Apparently he and his wife have an account on there and post regularly and this post about his retirement came from this account, and you may be thinking now "well someone could have hacked the account and posted it" well the post came from the same IP address as the other posts from the account. Meaning it was posted from CR's house.

Oh Papa, I almost forgot, The trade included two years paid medical with Blue Cross that comes with Dickenson! :wink: :wink:

Trade deadline long gone you getting your info from McMahon!

i think .., was talking about next year..(Dec. or Jan) there can be no more trading this season...buttttttt....who knows if either of these guys health will allow them another season.... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thats what I figured Sporty would never get info from someone like that unless he was ill or drinking to much. I hope he enjoys the dancing at the game to night ha ha ha
If that trade were true the bombers would not be getting a good deal. Dickenson who is now prone to concussions may not be able to play again for all we know. If you recall Matt had the same problem. Were as Milt is now becoming injury prone as well but at least these nagging injuries are not career ending. Turtle man still plays well but one would have to say his age is slowly catching up to him.
In the off season this year Winnipeg needs to go for a proven QB and get a couple of good receivers. You may want to bring in a good young RB I know they have Childs but where has he been and can he replace Roberts?

Problem is that Childs has been injured all season

CR has always said that he plans on retiring when he is at the top of his game and before he gets old and injury prone. However, he also wants the all time rushing record among Bombers, which he would probably get if he played next year. I think he is looking for a ton of cash to play one more year to get the record and then he calls it a career.

charles roberts rumor maybe true but the stegall one is false if you look back in history when he did an interview with tsn he said he started his career in the peg and is gonna finnish in the peg

,,,Charles Roberts rumoured retirement AIN'T TRUE (whew)....Blink said at practice today that he posted it as a lark and was only funnin' with the board and the media....he sure had me going...i guess if you really think about it...the whole thing didn't make sense.....Charlie the 'trickster' sure can get people wound-up....Now go get the season rushing record blink... you can start with Ham. this Sunday :rockin: :rockin: :lol: :lol: .....