Is it True what it said on the Comerical?

That this team was named after Labbett Blue.

I think the beer was named after the team.

You would have to drink a lot of those to cheer for this team!

[url=] ... pic&t=4578[/url]

Supertoe, you should read this too.

Supertoe? He hasn't said anything here yet.

Supertoe still thinks that I wanna chage the Eskimos name, and although I don't like the name, I don't like the idea of changing it cuz that like changing the Blue Bomber name cuz of it's reference to WW2 and being a machine that cause death and destruction to civilians as well as military targets.

Oh. I see.

it’s a tricky issue, you chage the Eskimos name, then the issue of the BB comes up.

it’s like knocking over dominoes, once you start them, they will not stop until the very last one falls.