Is it true? No one showed up at the airport to greet the RB?

Please say it isn't so my fellow Ottawa fans.
For your Cinderella team.
Here in Toronto that it the norm.
Not even a small quorum?

Melanie Adams ?@MelAdams1310 4h4 hours ago
We're expecting #redblacks to land in 10 minutes. No fans here to greet them. #ottnews #ottsports @1310NEWS

Melanie Adams ?@MelAdams1310 3h3 hours ago
No fans here, but airport crew are applauding as #redblacks get off plane. #ottnews #ottsports @1310news

Here is some evidence I found elsewhere.

People didn't know.

When I looked it up this morning, I looked for incoming flights by Canadian North because they used that airline to go to Winnipeg in the first place. I didn't find anything that looked like it might be the one.

I found out about it later when a radio station tweeted about it. At that point I assumed it was going to be common knowledge and the place would be a zoo so I chose against going but apparently people didn't know. Some in social media are saying that by the time they found out, they wouldn't have made it in time.

7000 people showed up to watch the game in the hockey arena yesterday. This isn't a matter of fans turning their backs or anything, it was just poorly communicated.

Facebook, R-Nation group:

[b]Paul Mahabir[/b] Fans were not made aware as to which airport they were flying into. On CFRA this morning, Terry from CTV Ottawa Sports, said "the team was returning to a private airport". I'm sure if they had flown into YOW there would have been many from RNation there to greet the Team. We are very proud of our REDBLACKS Sir!

I heard that last night on the news as well. They landed at the charter side of the airport and hopped onto a team bus and were gone. :wink:

I heard that last night on the news as well. They landed at the charter side of the airport and hopped onto a team bus and were gone. :wink:

They landed at the Canada North hangar on the other side of the airport not at the terminal.
It wasn't a scheduled flight and not announced.

Of course on the Ticat forum they are making a big deal out of it. Even though last year after the Ticats loss in Vancouver the team had no one at the airport when they landed. But there were two dozen Ticat fans that greeted the team off the team bus.

Hilarious Jimbo once again :lol: Don't know if you noticed.....BUT it was an Argo fan (ArgoT)that started this thread. Keep on Trolling Jimbo :lol:
By the way I don't see it as a big deal personally that no one bothered to show up. As CRF has stated it just seemed like poor communication on when and where the plane would eventually land. The fans of Ottawa have nothing to be ashamed about on this issue and them and the team should be applauded for a season that absolutely no one will ever forget for a long,long time. You fans had a season for the ages and the team was in a very unique situation in this years Grey Cup as it truly was a win/win no matter what the outcome. Hopefully next year the Cats and REDBLACKS can renew acquaintances once again in the EF for round two of the battle of Ontario. :rockin: Cheers to all you good REDBLACK fans..(except Jimbo......of course :lol: )

I don't know if YOU noticed but the "no one showed up at the airport........" thread was started on the TICAT FORUM by Grover. It was ArgoT that was just repeating what Grover had posted on the Ticat forum and questioning if that was true and why?
But Grover failed to mention or comment the fact that no Ticat fans showed up last year to greet the Ticats when they returned after the GC.
Is that trolling?