Is it too soon to mention CROSSOVER!

Thanks, buddy. :slight_smile:

How did you arrive at that number?

I took the number of CFL teams and divided it by Pi to the 55th digit...


I then took the square root of that number and applied Newton's Universal Law of Gravity...

Unfortunately, I was left with a remainder :thdn: so I had no choice but to apply the Fourier Transform equation...

That got rid of the remainder but left me with a negative number. :frowning:
So, as a last resort, I applied Navier Stokes...

and the answer appeared...


Last year by Labour Day we were talking about an East crossover but in the second half the Als were mediocre and the Lions did enough to stay ahead.
I don't think there will be an East crossover this year.

So, what you're saying is, you pulled it from this book?

Yup. :smiley:

Not good for the Argos.

I think the Cats will win the East. Ottawa will be second. Hopefully, the teams in the West falter. We sure needed the SRR to win yesterday. I guess it was too much to ask.

Certainly things have gotten interesting with all sorts of possibilities.

Would be something if the season for the Argos and Esks came down to the last weekend to see who gets into the playoffs.

The Argos seem to have a tough run late with playing the Stamps twice but the Esks are on the road for 4 straight games before they end with the Argos at home.

Setting up to be a pretty good race to the finish.

Esks seem to be trying hard to avoid the crossover and avoid the playoffs altogether! :oops:

Talk about ironic
If they indeed do miss the playoffs it will mark the 1rst time since the 2006 season that the defending Grey Cup champions from the year before miss the playoffs altogether the next year. Oh and by the way here's the irony in that...the 2005 Grey Cup Champions ? the Edmonton Eskimos . The 2006 Edmonton Eskimos ? 7-11 in 4th place and out of the playoffs.

Is it possible that 10 years later that history will repeat itself ? Stay tuned because in another crazy coincidence it could very well come down to the last game of the season between the Argos and Eskimos to decide who gets that last and final playoff spot for 2016 .

Interestingly dating back to the 1962 season there has been 9 occasions when the Cup winner from the previous year has failed to make the playoffs the following season. Could the 2016 Eskimos make it an even ten times that this has happened ?

Grey Cup Season.................................Next Season
"62" Winnipeg Blue Bombers............."63"-4th- 6-9-1
"64" British Columbia Lions................"65"-4th- 6-9-1
"69" Ottawa Rough Riders.................."70"-4th- 4-10
"70" Montreal Alouettes......................"71"-4th- 6-8
"71" Calgary Stampeders...................."72"-5th- 6-12
"72" Hamilton Ti-Cats.........................."73"-4th- 7-7
"91" Toronto Argonauts......................"92"-4th- 6-12
"01" Calgary Stampeders...................."02"-5th- 6-12
"05" Edmonton Eskimos......................"06"-4th- 7-11

Could have used a crossover that season. B.C., who finished third in the West, played 16 games but still had a worse record than Hamilton.

And their final two games are against Hamilton and Toronto, two of the other three teams in the race for East division playoff + crossover wildcard spots. Could be an interesting final two weeks.

The way I see it - a loss against B.C. on Friday (unless B.C. has been partying it up during their layoff I can't see that happening as a win cinches a playoff spot for them) and then a loss in Wpg the next week and Edmonton would be officially relegated to no better than 4th in the west. And though Toronto is losing, they are looking like a much better team. Esks still seem lost defensively and have IMO two glaring holes - pass rush especially where Odell Willis should be released or at least sat down just like Montreal did with Bowman (Higgin's last 'brilliant move lol). Willis has earned a sit down if not an outright release.

The other glaring issue is their last of getting a kick returner. Yes they signed Stoudemire but they didn't start him. Could be he's not ready to be inserted in the lineup yet but I don't recall ever seeing a kick return game this bad before in the CFL.

BC Lions qualified with a 5-9-2 record in "73" playing a 16 game schedule to the Cats 14 game schedule. For some reason back then the West would play 16 games as opposed to the East only playing 14 in the regular season.
Yup if the league had the crossover rule in effect that year then the Cats would'a crossed over to play the Roughriders in the Western Semi-Final.
I could be wrong here but I think that most likely would've been the only time that an Eastern team would've qualified for the crossover if it was in effect. It usually worked the opposite way as I can recall many a time that the 4th place Western team would have a far better record than the 3rd place or even sometimes the 2nd place Eastern team and still miss the playoffs before the league finally implemented the crossover rule to even the playing field for everybody and give every team an equal chance at the post season.

Dave Campbell ?@Dave_CHED 6m6 minutes ago
Now 5-7 with 6 games to go. 2 with the Lions, 1 with the Bombers, Alouettes, Tiger-Cats and Argos. #Eskimos haven't helped themselves. #CFL

Yeah, I saw that too. That was in the era of a very unbalance schedule, where teams played their divisional opponents three times, and cross-divisional only once each. But with the worst team in the east sitting at .500, I'm thinking the east was actually better than the west that year, and deserving of the crossover.

Probably never happened since, I'm guessing.

Guys what is even more crazy was the play-off format.

West Final was the best 2 / 3 ( up to and inc 1971 ) while the East was a 2 game total point series.( up to and including 1972.)

When the GC came around the West Champ has played 3 more games then the East. :roll: :roll: :roll:

So much will depend on the Argos.

Esks will play 1 home game against a good Lions road team, then go on a tough 4 game road trip.

It will be tough. The best hope for the Esks is for the Argos to tank.

My worst nightmare would be for the Esks to win the East and then beat the Stamps in the Grey Cup. :roll: :oops:

Yet, this is going to be a fun race to the finish line.

The Eskimos defence is a distant shadow of the past two or three seasons. Just too many allstar player losses to keep up to that level. Despite Reilly putting up big numbers, he is getting rushed regularly and hit a lot too. O-line has dropped off a bit. Then factor in the entire coaching staff change. That is major disruption alone, nevermind with all the other major changes. I figured they would drop off this season somewhat, but too miss the playoffs would be a major flop. Still think they should make the crossover with the poor showing of the East so far, but their schedule is pretty tough the rest of the way especially with 4 road games