Is it too soon to mention CROSSOVER!

With the losses by the RB's to BC and MTL to WPG and with HAM facing 1st place CGY tomorrow, it is possible that the 4th place team in the West could have at least the same number points as the 1st place team in the East!


1 Calgary---------- 8-- 6-- 1-- 1-- 13
2 BC----------------- 9-- 6-- 3-- 0-- 12
3 Winnipeg------- 9-- 5-- 4-- 0-- 10
4 Edmonton------ 9-- 5-- 4-- 0-- 10
5 Saskatchewan- 9-- 1-- 8-- 0-- 2


1 Ottawa---- 9-- 4-- 4-- 1-- 9
2 Hamilton- 8-- 4-- 4-- 0-- 8
3 Toronto--- 8-- 4-- 4-- 0-- 8
4 Montreal- 9-- 3-- 6-- 0-- 6

Dang, that does NOT look good for the East. The West is feasting on the SRR and it is pushing up the numbers of the Top 4.

Unless the East start winning at home, one of the 3 will find themselves on the outside looking in. My fear... Ottawa. Or worse yet, Toronto during a year when they host the Grey Cup. That is UGLY!!!

At the half way point last year Ottawa had 5 wins - this year they have 4 wins and 1 tie. Really not much change.
Considering their injuries at QB, RB and the D line that's not bad, and luckily it was all in the first half of the season.
But they are inconsistent right now but so is Toronto and Montreal just like last year, and the Ticats are going to be stronger in the second half with Collaros back healthy.
I can see the Ticats then Ottawa, Toronto. A possibility of maybe the Bombers crossing over.

2016 appears to be typical of western superiority in recent years with west teams beating east teams in most of the meetings. Saskatchewan isn't the only reason for the difference between the two divisions. No east team has ever crossed over to west playoffs.

The Riders will get relegated to the East next year :lol:

The East has to start beating the West and hope the West games spilt among themselves.

The SRR have a LOT of games against the East in the 2nd half. :thup: Those should be guaranteed wins. :frowning:

We're not that lucky in the East.

That statement is FALSE. The only way for one division to have better numbers than the other is for that division to beat the other head to head.

Any game played between two teams of the same division does nothing to make the other division look good or bad. It's simple math.

BC is 4-1 against the east.
So is the 'Peg.
Edm is 2-3.
Sask is 1-3.
Cal has a tie.

That's 10-7-1 for the west. That's why they're ahead. Has nothing to do with the Riders. Every team in the east has had a shot at them (and Ottawa honked theirs). Only BC and the Esks get ONE extra game against the free space on the bingo card and neither has played that extra game yet. In fact BC has only played them once and in the case of the Bombers, not at all yet.

If the east wants avoid a x-over, then the eastern teams need to beat the western teams more. Period. Sask has not given any western teams any advantage at all to this point and at season's end only BC and the Esks will have had the slimmest of help.

That’s fair and I agree the West has been beating up the East - it’s even worse when you take Sask out of the equation. Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to have one team in your division with only one win.

Way to early to think about cross over.

CAL - BC - EDM will be 123. I am not sold on WIN.

HAM will get better as the season moves along, OTT will get going with their talent and if Ricker can stay healthy in TOR they will be 3rd.

The Q will be if TOR in 3rd will be equal or better than WIN.

For the sake of the Grey Cup, let hope so...

Afraid of the Bombers? Heh heh 8)

LOL. No. I just think the Argos need to be in the hunt to help Grey Cup ticket sales.

Hard to say, I think everyone is pretty much in agreement that the race for the East is a lot less tight with Collaros back and Ricky Ray out hurt and that Montreal and Saskatchewan are trainwrecks. It boils down can Edmonton and Winnipeg both stay the course and stay over the east, which probably won't stay entirely status quo but will still be tight.

The east is likely to be a close race, as it generally tends to be. I think every is looking at Toronto as the weaker team of the three and Hamilton is slight favourites with Collaros back, but it's still too close to call. I don't see any of the eastern teams having an epic collapse, unless you count Montreal...who well....yeah...

The second half of the season tends to boast more inside division play, which means there aren't as many chances to take games from the eastern teams. Winnipeg is going to clearly have it easier though, getting to go back to back vs Saskatchewan as opposed to Edmonton having to do the same with Calgary. Given they both have to play BC twice, Winnipeg has to play Calgary and Edmonton gets one more crack at the Riders, it would seem to favour Winnipeg. Week 15 will be a crucial week for both teams.

So boiled down, what poison do you prefer?

Calgary, Calgary, BC, BC, Sask, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal
Sask, Sask, BC, BC, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Ottawa

The Argos are without a doubt the most overrated team in the league this year and looking into my crystal ball I see them joining the already eliminated Riders and the semi eliminated Alouettes on the outside looking in come playoff time this season. So you see the answer is simple really.......and the answer is NO it isn't to soon to mention CROSSOVER because it's going to happen. In fact I'm willing to go out on a limb and predict that after their next three games (BC/HAM/HAM) that the Argos will be buried with a sad looking 4-7 record on a 5 game losing streak and will find themselves treading water just trying to stay ahead of the Alouettes or even in last place in the East behind those Alouettes. Sorry to say but the Argos will be lucky to finish this season with a 6-12 record or maybe 7-11 at best and that my friends will not be good enough to get the Argos or any other team a playoff spot this year. I can easily see both the Bombers and Eskimos having more wins than the Argos and one of them crossing over to play either the Cats or the REDBLACKS in the ESF when the playoffs roll around.

It is never too soon to mention the Crossover.

Although I'm always a sucker for an all-Ontario East Division bracket; making it a de facto Provincial Championship.

When 3 out 4 teams are from Ontario it's not that big of deal. Your almost always guaranteed an Ontario match up of some sort . Not like you have 15 out of province teams vying for a playoff spot ,

I never claimed that it was statistically unlikely. Just that I like it when it happens.

And it hasn't happened a lot recently, with Ottawa not having a team that was good enough to make the playoffs since the Riders.

Remaining games :

Ottawa (8) : Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, BC, SRR, Hamilton x 2, Winnipeg

Hamilton (8) : Toronto X 2, Montreal, SRR, Calgary, Ottawa x 2, Edmonton

Toronto (9) : B.C, Hamilton X 2, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary x 2, SRR

Toronto has a tough schedule but also a game in hand.

Hamilton has a tough schedule but a ton of home games.

Ottawa looks to have the easiest schedule - assuming Winnipeg is the lesser of 4 top evils in the West.

Too close to call. :thdn:

Winnipeg, in 2 weeks, will likely have 14 points. If the East has any chance of there NOT being a Crossover, we better hope the Rough Riders take at least one and pray for 2.

The odds of a CrossOver are 80%+.

Just a few corrections Kev :
Hamilton actually has 9 gms remaining 2 games with the Alouettes not 1 and both games are home games for the Cats.

Ottawa also actually has 9 gms remaining 2 games with the Blue Bombers a home and home series to close out the schedule and have an oddly scheduled 2 back to backs series as they also play a home and home with Hamilton the 2 games before that .

Toronto actually has 10 gms remaining playing their 9th gm Wed vs the Lions. You missed the fact that Toronto plays the Eskimos in Edmonton to close out their season.

I fixed it up for you above in your posted quote.