Is It Time To Worry about the QB Thing yet?

Well I'm concerned Buck is hurt and the way the Riders and Stamps are comming out of the gate I see the target on Buck's head already!Take him out early and watch B.C. struggle thus elimate a threatning team by taking out The main scouring tool! Most unfortunate That Buck seems to be made of glass! We went through seasons with Dave D. in the same situation. Even if the offensive line stepped up the way Buck likes to run when throwing won't work it seems like a matter of time before he's out indefinitly! Until we get another great QB back-up that leaves Jarious! he's payed and won several games but it seems if we play a strong team and he get's shut down the team gives up to easily lately! Maybe they should assign a special QB coach that would devote all his time refining JJ's skills I hope I'm wrong and Buck continues o.k being injured! I'm more a realist and a shoulder and rib injury after game number 1 in the season with 17 more to go Buck would have to perform like Superman! Please prove me wrong!
This team is way to good to miss out at another Cup Win! Watch and see i guess! any suggestions Fans?????????????????????? :frowning:

Its not the qb here its WBs offence he has never had a qb that looked bad that I can remember. Not worried they will do ok. Wether they win it all depends on what team is hot at the end like usual.

Yes its time. The Riders d is good. Real good. Did you see the Riders game against the Eskimos? Ricky Ray got hit over and over. Can Pierce take hits like that? Jackson?

Edmonton also appeared to mimic the parting of the Red Sea with their apparent O-Line in name only...chances are excellent BC will prove better than that, austin.

BC will be missing two of their top linemen this week, Rob Murphy and Sherko Haji Rasouli. Stith and Valli will replace them which is good news for the Riders.

I’m not worried about the Lions QB’s at all. Every year we have controversy but we always seem to find a way to win and have success. This year and this week should be no different imo.

With two O-linemen out, BC is better with Jackson than Pierce at QB, IMO.

Still, friday night will be a tough one for the Lions I think

Good points. While I prefer Buck Pierce, I think Jackson is a better scrambler than Pierce. With Murphy and Rasouli out, I like the idea of Jackson in there.

Our Defensive front four need to step it up Friday night. They cannot arm tackle Cates and Crandell like they tried with Reynolds and Burris.

Like I said in an earlier post, the best way to take pressure off the QB is by moving him around and utilizing the running game. Expect to see a heavy dose of Joe Smith. Ground and pound, screens, and roll outs. Should be a pretty one sided affair. The motivation is through the roof.

Unfortunately, we didn't use Joe Smith enough....thats a mystery!

anyone notice joe doesn't put his head/body down as much as he did last year? Maybe he's as frustrated as the rest of the Lions who are playin hard?

The answer is simply this:

Buck Pierce