Is it time to trade Fantuz?

Four years ago, just around this time (or a couple of weeks later), I was doing my Happy Dance. We had signed Andy Fantuz to a four-year contract. At the time, he was the most sought-after free agent in the League, a Non-Import SB with size, strength, hands that would catch ANYTHING thrown in his time-zone, and a Nice Guy, to boot. Here we had THE most reliable receiver since Darren Flutie, except Andy is about twice his size.

2012 was a pretty good year for Andy, he played in 16 Regular Season games and one Playoff game. Henry Burris managed to get him the ball 72 times for 971 yards that year. It was his most productive year scoring, with 8 touchdowns.

2013 started to show some chips in the mortar. Andy missed 5 Regular Season games due to injury and was on the 4-man reserve for Week 19 (one would assume for gamesmanship to make the blew team prepare for him; or for contract reasons since he would be due a bonus if he is on a roster for a certain number of games per year). He did, however play in all 3 Playoff games and score 2 touchdowns in the EDF against Toronto. He had his best year stats wise, with 89 receptions for 1131 yards overall, and that was in just 15 games (Playoffs included), although he only scored 3 Regular Season touchdowns to give him a total of 5 for the year.

2014 comes around, and those chips are now becoming decent-sized cracks. Andy managed to play in only 13 Regular Season games this year, and was sidelined twice for injuries - once for a concussion (helmet-to-helmet hit that was NOT penalized), and a hamstring tear. LeFevour, Masoli, and Collaros were able to get the ball to Andy 68 times for a total of 720 yards and 3 touchdowns. Andy had only one 100-yd game this season, and he had two of his TDs in one game against MTL.

Now comes the hard question. Looking at the cold, hard facts, is it worth keeping a player that seems to be in the downside of his career, that has played only 2/3 of his last season, and is being paid $175,000?

Is it time to see if we can make a trade for some draft pics, a National O-lineman, a shutdown CB, etc? I would MUCH rather this happen and risk the "He's gonna KILL us when we play him!" crowd than watch him have another declining year and then retire or be released (where we get nothing). Andy still has value, especially when we have a VERY shrewd GM in Kent Austin, and there are some total IDIOTS (Desjardins) in the league who would trade their entire 2015 Draft, their entire Negotiation List, and their first-born for Andy Fantuz.

So - is it time to trade our (former) franchise player?

Nope you cant put a price on veteran leadership

You need Canadian talent to be successful in the CFL, and typically that includes some number of Canadian receivers.

Here is a list of all the Canadian receivers who had more yardage than Fantuz in his injury-hampered 2014 campaign:
Bagg, Rob (Sask)

Which Canadian receiver from that list do you propose we replace Fantuz with (pending availability)?

Someones fallen and bumped their head

Fantuz played in 1 playoff game in 2012 ? Just one question....with WHO !!! The Cats missed the playoffs in 2012. Is it just me or does it seem that you have a hate-on for Fantuz ? Like safetyblitz said the only other Canadian receiver with comparable stats to Fantuz is Robb Bagg. So unless you are proposing a switch in the ratio and an all import receiving core,just who are you going to get to replace Fantuz ? So unless you are considering perhaps an all Canadian O-Line or perhaps sitting an import elsewhere on the starting team,kindly explain to everyone just how or why you get rid of one of the best Canadian bred players in the league without screwing up your ratio ? I realize that we just picked up Spencer Watt and I'm thrilled that we did but I think everybody can agree that Watt is no Andy Fantuz. Personally I think it would be nuts to trade a player like Fantuz the team is finally starting to get some continuity in their roster, I mean what's next ? Let's trade Collaros because he was injured last year ? Gable ? etc etc . Geez with your way of thinking we better not hope that Banks gets injured or you'll want to get rid of him next. :roll:

Fantuz should resign :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean re-sign! We need to keep him here, he still has a lot of quality time left.

Don't worry I think he is only having some lame fun with us...if the team was broke and on their last leg maybe trade him,but if not, but only a madman would even consider losing ANDY...he will blow the league away this year!!!

Andy catches everything thrown his way and he is one of the top blocking receivers in the league. He finds the holes in zones and can still get open in man coverage. Fantuz isn't going anywhere! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

You dont trade a starting impact CDN player unless you're getting one in return. Period.

Fantuz is on his last year of his contract(the team option year), IMO he will have an outstanding season with Zack
He compliments Austins offence perfectly because of his Mensa Football IQ add in he has a catch radius of 12 yards,
Quite possibly the best hands in the league, an outstanding big body blocker, and unmatched leadership qualities
We have an extremely hard player to replace.
Look for Fantuz to RE- SIGN next season at a home town discount. :rockin:

What a waste of a thread, not to mention the typing involved.

Football is a business. You can't let your emotions guide you - to do so would lead to poor decisions being made.

I think a smart GM would offer 83 a contract extension now. If he declines to accept it, gauge whether he likely will sign after the season. If you don't think he would, then trade him for whatever you can get (and perhaps re-sign Giguere - if he hasn't signed elsewhere).

I would not humor trading Fantuz yet. Even despite being injured for a good chunk of the season, he still put up the 2nd most receiving yards on our team after Tasker and he is Canadian content that is not easy to replace, if only evidenced by the short time Coates was filling in for him.

I agree with your thoughts, Mike. But not on the "perhaps Giguere" comment. If the rumoured salaries are correct, the saving would be about $70K if Giguere wasn't looking for a raise. But he is, along with a multi-year contract, and Fantuz, in my books, is certainly worth at least $50K more than him for 2015. If Andy doesn't have a good and healthy year though, I don't expect he'll be around in '16.

In terms of clearing cap space, there are a couple guys who have signed here as free agents over the past couple seasons and are doing nothing but taking up roster spots at this point. Get rid of them before you get rid of Fantuz.

Trading Andy might make sense if you had good depth at the position, but Aprile and Coates haven't done anything to make me think that they can be serviceable if given the opportunity. The Bucknor for Aprile trade certainly doesn't look so good.

Your first error was in the first word of your post. We signed him three years ago.

I’m assuming it was a reaction to this other post by the OP…

Time for me to clear up a few things in my original post. I fully admit when I am incorrect when facts hit me in the face, so, yes, I did my Happy Dance THREE years ago (thank you ExPat), and we did not, unfortunately, make the playoffs in 2012 (thank you bobo for alerting me to that fact - I seem to have scrubbed it from my brain... lol). With THAT our of the way...

It seems that the 2014 campaign was a poor year for National receivers. Indeed, as it was pointed out by safetyblitz, only Rob Bagg surpassed Andy for yardage. Andy always seems to be able to step up big-time in big games, and I never discounted his veteran leadership, blocking ability, "football MENSA" etc, just cold, hard, performance stats.

@ relic7- I wish I had your confidence, but once a hamstring goes, it keeps going, especially as you age. I speak from experience. Andy has also had concussion problems, and we CANNOT discount the cumulative health risks of brain injuries.

@ PatLynch - Andy is the best in the League at that; when he can play.

@ anotherZontar - As I stated, either an up-and-comer with a whole whack of draft picks, or starting veteran O-lineman.

@ MFTH - Thank you.

@ -Hammer- - Coates did NOT fill in for him, Giguere did, and filled in VERY well, I might add. Coates filled in for GIGUERE, and did next to nothing.

What Andy brings to the table are the intangibles - his leadership, blocking ability, football MENSA, Gretzky-esque ability to know where the ball will be before it is thrown, etc. All of which add immeasurably to keeping him rather than trading him. However, he would bring those same skills to his gaining team, so that would also increase his trade value, correct?

I know that there are a number of members on this board who, for whatever reason (avarice, ignorance, prejudice, whatever) hate Samuel Giguere. I am part of the minority that think that he would be PERFECT playing Slot Back. He has the hands, strength, speed, smarts, toughness, and, above all, the DESIRE TO CONTRIBUTE. From what we have seen in the media, that last statement seems to be the sticking point in his negotiations with the Ticats.

Andy has served his time admirably, unfortunately these is a time when you think beyond the sentimental thoughts and think about the team. If Andy had stayed healthy for most of time as a Tiger Cat I would say extend his contract on a performance basis. I doubt Andy can stay healthy for a entire season so with that in mind........a good trade should be strongly considered.