Is it time to start raiding other teams practice rosters?

Think the topic says it all.....


If the current coaching staff are unable to evaluate talent, how can they really know who has capable practice rosters talent. No win situation.

High school teams have practice rosters ?? ;D

Did Austin already run out of former college players willing to dress up for him?

Thats what we need..more guys that aren't starter material

Maybe have a contest among the fans? Submit your name and the first 46 pulled from the hat get to play? I read about a US college years ago that did that with special teams and it proved very successful. Of course, some of those college teams seem to carry about 80 players .... and most of the names submitted were High School all-stars ... but still ... maybe it should be submit your name and get to coach for a day? Or act as OC/play caller? :wink:

Okay, I'm done with this dog, let's move on to the Labour Day game!

Great Idea....let these living room experts experience the reality close up...they're so willing to criticize others...have them front and centre so we can evaluate and tear apart THEIR game.

If they have one??