Is it time to sound the alarm bells ??

I forget who on this forum mentioned, in a reply to one of my posts, that “It’s not time to sound the alarm bells.” Well, let’s see (after 5 games…)

On special teams, well…there’s nothing special about them. Dunigan made the correct observation that, on average, the Lions often start deep in their own end. They have no real punt or kick return. They instill no fear that a returner is going to take it all the way. When they do get the odd return to the 40 or 45, it’s wiped out by yet another dumb penalty. Conversely, the Lions seem to have trouble at times covering punts and kicks.

On offence, we are basically becoming a “one trick pony”. Any community level football coach can see that if you “spy” and key on Andrew Harris, you are going to stop the Lions most of the time. The league is quickly seeing that focusing on stopping Harris is the key to success against the Lions. Most teams are willing to give the odd catch to Collie, Arceneaux and Leonard. Those three don’t seem to be having much success with their receptions or striking any fear in opposing teams. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that other teams don’t really pay much attention or respect to anyone other than Harris. Think about that one. Of course, when we are slowing returning to the boring type of “Chapdelaine-esque offence” (He is gone isn’t he??) that still includes predictable play calling and RIDICULOUS jet sweeps (What other team in the league uses them as much as we do?? Bringing a receiver in motion ALL THE WAY across a formation simply plays in to the hands of the defense. The play takes too long to develop). Lulay must love the 19th century because he TELEGRAPHS many of his passes. Can you please look off a receiver once in a while. Furthermore, and I do the like the guy for his obvious passion and team first mentality, his arm strength and accuracy is in question and his decision making is highly suspect…A LOT…especially lately. As for our receivers, is it possible (other than Leonard) that they can go up and try to fight for some of these balls. At least 2 of the 3 interceptions Lulay threw against Winnipeg could have been broken up by BC receivers. The passion is NOT there amongst our receivers. They need more HARRIS in them!!

On defence, we have Eliminian and Bighill and…that’s about it. Clearly opposing offences have chosen to go deep and often on our secondary…and are having BIG TIME success doing it. Our secondary…and yes that includes you too Phillips, are duped in to simple double moves and head fakes by receivers for big yardage. This isn’t getting any better. The fact we don’t have much of a sustained pass rush doesn’t help. Unfortunately a defence is made up of 12 players and not just 2. Perhaps Solomon and Adam can clone themselves in to pass rushers and secondary players.

As for head space and discipline…the Lions are somewhere else right now. Untimely penalties continue to haunt the Lions…especially with Josh Johnson. Why is this guy still playing for us?? He’s becoming Mr. Penalty. Wally, if you’re listening, you need to make an example and levy a fine for these actions or they’re going to get worse. I thought Tedford was brought in to “tighten things up” and bring the Lions to a better head space. It’s just not happening. So…

Yes, I think it’s time to start ringing the alarm bells. Unfortunately we don’t get to play the Saskatchewan Roughriders every week.

We beat the best team in the league now so lets try and build off this moving forward

Go bc!!

No.... the game against Hamilton still hasn't been played! :lol: :thup: