is it time to sign a LB?

what are we down to, 3 now?

anyone know how injured Stewart is?

They were talking MCL last night on the post game. If they're right, it depends on the severity, but even best case it's a couple weeks. After him, we're down to 4, based on Saturday's 46 man roster.

Either they move Wagner back to that side of the ball, or maybe they've got someone kicking around the practice roster, but they likely need one more body at that psoition for Friday.

We are very thin at LB. Karma?
Outside of Reggie Hunt, there isn't anyone available that we could get ready by Friday, and nobody on the PR. My guess is, we dress Francis this week, and then hope to pry a LB loose from an NFL camp over the break.

Karma? The Eskimos paid Lloyd something like 175. Should the Riders have done that?

I don't remember who signed first AM or ML. i think both are getting more than i would have offered. but once one was gone the other would have gotten a better offer. but that is in the past and The Reaper might be in the future, depending on injuries and NFL cuts.

Yes? Was that supposed to be a tough question?

Rumours persist we actually offered Rey williams more than we offered Anton. Plus we traded away a solid young LB, Yannick Carter. And Brandon Lynch, the heir apparent to Anton was still questionable from his broken leg. Apparently, Tad Kornegay only found out he'd be a LB this year when he got to camp.
We made a lot of changes, mostly questionable, at LB, and now we get hit by injuries. I'd say that was bad karma.....

Some questionable initially, have worked out. Kornegay played very well against Hamilton. Until he got hurt, Rey was very good as well.

I've come around to your thinking on Lloyd. We probably should have done what needed doing to get him. Anton, meh.

Go to the standings and stats on The Riders defence has given up the same amount of points as the Eskimos. Both teams 220. They have the same record 4 and 3. Williams has more tackles than Lloyd. Lucas and Kornegay do to. So how do you say the Riders should have given him whatever he wanted? Can't argue against McKenzie. He is real high in tackles. Way higher than Lloyd. So maybe the Riders should have kept McKenzie. But if you look at the records which team is better than the other from last year? BC or the Riders? And how do you argue when the Riders have 3 lbs with more tackles than Lloyd and the same record?

Tackles is only one measure of a player. Lets look deeper. Edmonton's defence has improved since last year, particularly against the run. Ours has deteriorated, particularly against the run. What is a MLBs first priority? the run. Mo did not lead the league in tackles last year either. He was still the best MLB in the league. Guys like Zeke Moreno always get tons of tackles. Good LB, but not as good as Mo. Lucas led the Riders in tackles last year. Good LB. But only 3rd best on the team.
Rey Williams has been a big disappointment thus far. Lots of tackles, but oh so often right after the guy has made a first down, or has 8 yards on a running play. He has not been good (adequate--not as good as Trevis Smith was), and is not nearly as good as Mo. Anton is also better. I've been happier with Tad Kornegay than I have been with Rey Williams, and Tad was about to lose his starting job to Stewart....
LBing was the strength of the defence last year. This year, it has been the biggest concern.

Williams has been a disappointment? Says who? And Lloyd has been a better than him eh? Didn't Lloyd only have 2 or 3 tackles against the Riders when they played the Eskimos? Williams had a lot more but forget about tackles they don't matter. Forget that Williams had 2 times more tackles than Lloyd when he got hurt. Read the CFL stats on here. What about catches? Do they matter for receivers? Forget the stats. If you taped the Edmonton game or the BC game watch them again. Then try to say Lloyd and McKenzie played better than Williams.

Arius you say Lucas was the 3rd best linebacker on the team last year. How can you say that? Did the coaches say that? Don't they know better than me and you and all of us? Did they say Lucas was the 3rd best linebacker on there team? Last year I heard people in the stands saying Shologan wasn't that good. Never heard the coaches say it. Shologan looks good now. If you say Durant is the 2nd best qb does that mean Jyles is better? I care more what Miller and the coaches think.

I thought the Riders couldn't replace Marsh. 2 years later Shivers had Dominguez. Who knows more? Us or the coaches?

Mo may have only had a couple tackles against us, but it was him who made the play on dresslers drop to seal the game. Don't forget he was in the heart of a defence that we couldn't solve for the whole second half of that game.

Kick it off, I also say that Lucas was the 3rd best LB we had last year. Mo Lloyd was the best LB we have had in my lifetime. He was and is a playmaker. A playmaker on defence in my opinion is worth 2 on offence. Rey Williams while he has been adequate, he has not been stellar. I was actually very pleasantly suprised with the play of Mike Mccullough, I thought he did a very good job out there. He is not a playmaker, but he is very steady and solid. He is not going to make mistakes, he just isn't going to make the big plays. Mo Lloyd makes the big plays plus he is very steady inside and makes those tackles for one yard or less. Rey Williams makes plays but I don't think he is as good inside.
Don't get me wrong I like Williams, I think he is a very good LB, unfortunately I don't consider him in the Mo Lloyd Barrin Simpson League.

That you Austin?

The coaches have their perspective, fans have a different perspective. It is possible for fans to be more objective (not always the case though). Now that we do not have Mo or Anton, the coaches will say one thing. When we had them, they said something different. Of course the coaches give glowing reviews of the players we have. They will never say publicly anything except, "Rey is playing very well for us". But behind closed doors, I doubt any of them think Rey Williams is a better LB than Mo Llyod.
As Billy said, not only was Mo better today, but he is the best MLB we've had since Cleveland Van. To date, Rey Williams hasn't been as effective as Trevis Smith. And don't get me wrong. Trevis was playing very well for us in his final year. The irony there was, if he keeps it in his pants, he was playing his best football that year. But Trevis wasn't as good as Mo. Dave Albright was a pretty good MLB. Injuries shortened his career, but he wasn't as good as Mo.
People in the stands last year who said Shologan wasn't any good had never seen him play. I will put it to you they were the same people who pumped Williams tires last year--even though again, they had never seen him play. The coaches said Sam O was a can't miss prospect. Didn't make the grade. Drew Tate was a sure fire prospect. See yah later. Coaches make mistakes. Coaches play politics with players. Etc. Rey was a political choice. A financial choice. He was never the best choice.
I found it interesting the defence never missed him last week....
I said a couple of months ago, if Rey wants to keep his job, he better not spend any time on the injury list. Now we'll find out.
Last time a veteran MLB hurt his knee, he lost his job to a 23 year old kid. That Freeman has a lot of upside.....

I agree about Kornegay. He is an average DB, but I think his play since being moved to OLB has been very very good.

Turns out, Tad is a better LB than he ever was a corner....
I've been pleasantly surprised by Tad as a LB. He makes plays. I don't think he is big enough to be an everydown guy, but in a platoon/rotation he can be effective. If they keep him in that role, next year he can add 10-15 pounds and maybe be the guy. For the record though, before he was injured, Kye Stewart was slowly usurping the starter's role....

Lloyd did make Dressler drop that pass. Biggest play of the game so you are right. He doesn't drop many passes. Lloyd was a great player for the Riders and will be great with the Eskimos. Lloyd and Barron Simpson are the best. They have kicked butt on the field for a long time but McKenzie kicked some last year. Look at the stats on and McKenzie is one of the best in the CFL in BC. Last year early in the season some people said McKenzie wasn't near as good as Hunt was. They were mad about losing Hunt and didn't want McKenzie to be good. Williams was like that this year.