Is it time to make a trade?

Perhaps we need to secure a clutch DB from someone. Perhaps trade with Edmonton or Winnipeg? Any suggestions on who for who?

I'd suggest Bauman but I don't think anyone would be least not interested in giving up a starting DB. Logic says you trade from your strength. So do we trade one of our D linemen? What the the rights to Giguere.

Stanford Samuels is still free.Probably better than both Smith and Shivers put together.

It’s a little late for that,and I certainly would’nt want anything Edmonton had to offer…

I’m afraid we’re stuck with what we have…And we’ll have to wait for the off season and our wonderful front office talent evaluating skills to take hold…again…

Excuse the possibly silly question... but why did the Cats trade Chris Thompson to the Eskimos? He seemed to me from an outsiders point of view to be a competent DB who made an above average number of interceptions. Was it that he was overly aggressive going for the picks and got beat a lot, or what was the scoop with him.

Johnson, Jovon CB Import 5.09 182 1983-11-02 Iowa
Stewart, Brandon DB Import 6.01 193 1986-05-16 Eastern Arizona J.C.
Beasley, Deon DB Import 5.10 180 1987-09-19 Texas
Suber, Alex DB Import 5.07 174 1985-12-01 Middle Tennessee State
Glover, LaVar CB Import 5.10 177 1978-12-17 Cincinnati
Kent, Clint DB Import 5.10 192 1983-10-14 James Madison
Green, James DB Non-Import 5.11 217 1983-06-22 Calgary

Here are some selections from the Bombers team, anyone of which I think could be an upgrade. I highly doubt they would trade Jovon Johnson though.

Brown, Weldon DB Import 5’10 185 1987-05-12 Louisiana Tech
Gordon, Lawrence CB Import 5’11 175 1984-03-30 Florida Atlantic
Goss, Jason CB Import 5.10 183 1979-10-04 Texas Christian
Thompson, Chris DB Import 6.00 189 1982-05-19 Nicholls State
Williams, Roderick CB Import 5’11 180 1987-05-27 Alcorn State

And from the Eskimos. I’d love to get Thompson back.

So…to get one of these guys…who would you trade?

Traded to get Maurice Mann WR

You need to trade value to get value.. and Mann is a good receiver that was brought in to open up AB you can't double team both of them....

He just had a bit of an off year all together.Team's didn't throw his way as much, he missed some key tackles, he got beat just the same as any DB.In the end his numbers were down and at the time the price was right.Just a week or so before there was heavy speculation that Kerry Watkins was going to sign with Hamilton to form a dynamic duo with Bruce but that never came through.So instead we got Maurice Mann who at the time was a stellar addition to our WR corps.He just hasn't lived up to expectations.

Thanks for clarifying, thought maybe there was a bit more to him being traded but I guess I was reading into it too much. I'm not a big fan of trading for import WR's, I think the DB spot is the harder one to find quality talent in this league.

There was also a belief that Jason Shivers and Will Poole would be just as good, if not better, than Thompson. So with them in the mix, dealing Thompson for a player who would conceivably take the heat off Bruce, looked like a great idea. I had my doubts at the time because WR was not a weak spot for the Cats. Bruce had no problem getting open in 2009, so I don't know why Mann was necessary. With the way the 2010 season has played out, it looks like my doubts were reasonable. Thompson has been one of the lone bright spots for a very bad Edmonton team, while Shivers hasn't been very good, Poole quit before the season started, and Mann just recently found his grove after tweeting his displeasure. Hindsight's always 20/20, but this looks like a bad trade. The Cats should have kept Thompson, and not worried about finding someone to pair with Bruce. I don't think the Cats would be much worse than 6-6 had these moves not taken place.