Is it Time to make a deal???

....Wow are the esks. hurting.....After last nights game their receiving corps took a big hit and as far as i could see they don't have a qb....We are certainly not shy in that dept. and anyone of our qbs. would make Jyles and Joseph look bad (although they did a pretty good job of that themselves last night)....We also have a good receiver or two on the pr, that would help them as Bowman is gone for what looks like a long period and Carr is on the limp.....HMMMMM methinks a trade could be in the works...I wouldnt mind picking up a high draft pic and a quality player (luv that Sherrit guy but that aint gonna happen)...I don`t know what else they could offer us in a trade BUT it better be good (if that transpires)...Tilman and company are in big doo-doo :roll:

I think Brink will get his shot here and Buck is so injury prone , we may need Elliot backing up Brink at some point this year. Our luck, we trade Brink or Elliot and they become the next Flutie! lol

Mack does that and your team is one hit away from being the Eskimos. Elliot hasn't proven he can stay healthy. I think the Eskimos are going to have a real hard time finding a dance partner. Maybe Porter...

Realistically, looking at a sched and having 4 games on the road to start the year. 1 - 3 would be ok. especially, with a new OC and O LINE. If we lose to Edm and Tor, then it may get extra ugly this year for the Bombers.

Elliott is the one I would move if I had to make a pick. I favour Brink, but basically Brink and Elliott is a toss up at this point as to which will have the better career. Brink may fetch a little more value as he's technically the #2 guy on the depth chart and not #3 or "#2a" as they like to say. Goltz is still on the roster and he looked as good in his playing time last year (vs Argos IIRC) as Elliott did in his time 2 years ago, and fared decently in his time this preseason. I don't think there's another position the team is stacked at where they can deal from a position of strength. The problem with being such a young team - you have your frontline guys and backups who are pretty raw and inexperienced. Hard to make a big move via trade unless you move one of your frontline guys. Maybe a guy like suber or one of the other DBs with the emergence of Washington and Pascoe still available.

Any move to help Edmonton had better be done AFTER we play!
Trades just don't happen in football like they do in hockey, but we do have some depth in the areas Edmonton needs.....

Actualy after thinking about it, if we lose the next 2 games, the season may be a write off. At that point I would seriously consider offers for buck and give Brink & Elliot the rest of the season to take control of the offence.

Not sure Pierce has any trade value at this point in his career, with all the injuries. Jyles and Joseph were both getting tattooed by the Rider D. I don't think Buck could survive that pounding.

We have so many injuries right now a trade could benefit us too but, I wouldn't consider a QB as our have a way of getting injured in bunches.

Whoa, easy there. If we lose the next 2 games we'll be o-4 but the season is not a write off. This is the CFL after all. Look at BC last year - 0-5 to start 11-7 at the end of the season and wins the Grey cup, Edm 5-0 start to end up 11-7, Wpg 7-1 start but could've been 8-0 but for a 1 pt loss to the Stamps, finish the season 2-7 to end up 10-8 but still earn a trip to the Grey Cup. Its a long season, there's plenty of time to rebound. I think this season needs to be looked at in 1/3 segments - first 6 games for the new Oline and new offense to work out its kinks and grow. I expected growing pains here with the oline, not quite so much mind you. Even if they come out of it 1-5 or 2-4 they are still in the race IMO as long as there is progressive improvement heading into the middle third. Games 7-12 are what will make or break this season. I think they need to come out of this 4-2 or better to have a shot at ending the season with a .500 record or better. If not the last 6 games won't matter so much.

....Buck ain't going anywhere and we have Brink to back him up....Goltz , although not a proven commodity has shown he certainly can play and can be developed....That leaves Elliott, who can be a franchis player...Now i would make a deal for him, IF we received something that we clearly need at the present time....What that could be is o line help...I think draft pics could also be worked in a deal..It matters not to us, if Eric the red wants to continue with his current qb. stable...good luck :lol: We'll see

What has Elliot shown that Jyles has not? Why would Edmonton want Elliot? They need someone right now, that is why I would think Buck could be that man. If (and a big if) our season was a write off, I'd be fine giving Brink & Elliot more time and going into next year with them as our 2 QB's.

First of all I highly doubt we go 0-4 (as I said in the other thread I see us winning some upcoming games). I would be very disappointed if we couldn't win 1 of the next 2. If that was the case, you know the sky will be falling. But I do agree about there always being a chance until mathematically eliminated.

Let's start off by saying that Elliott is a thinker and a LEADER...Jyles is not...As far as potential and building for the future (because that's what the esks. have to clearly do now) Elliott is the man...Just watch them on their respective benches and you'll get the picture...I would hate to see Joey go BUT Buck is not going to be trade material because of his past injury problems...Elliott may have been injured but so was Jyles and off for the same amount of time....Joey, being younger, is at least something the fans in shmoeville could put some future thoughts to ....Jyles is clearly not....I have a hunch that Kavis (who knows Elliott) will put a bug in Tilmans ear to acquire him....We'll see :roll:

I agree with you ,Papa. An O lineman and that Sherritt fellow would be fine for Elliott. After all. I'm still scratching my head that Tillman gave away the league's best QB for what amounts to very little. They're paying dearly for it. Maybe Eric knows or owes that Braley guy.

I think Papa is bang on. Plus remember the Ottawa thing is comming soon, so any 3rd stringer who may be worth his weight in salt is going to plucked from the roster for no return. Not the time to be holdong a deep stable at Q.B. May as well get something for them while you can. Edmonton has probably backed themselves into a position where they are going to have to overpay, so milk it while you can, IMO.

You can only protect ONE quarterback and lose ONE quarterback in the expansion draft. So having 3 guys who can play is a nice safety net. However with the draft 2 or 3 years away. Its hard to predict what the landscape will look like.

Is it Time to make a deal???

the only time that i would consider even thinking about making a deal with right now is the team directly to the west of us.. they have what we need, they have oline depth, they have chris best.. I would only make a trade with sask to pick up best. That's it. Oline help is the only help we need.

Pierce,Brink,Elliot,Goltz... they arent going anywhere. That's just not happening. Think people need to stop pretending that we are gonna trade a qb we have been developing.

Throw out all the names you want.. it doesnt matter, its not gonna happen but if it was going to happen.. i mean atleast make it realistic, what do we need? we could use a canadian olineman, we could use a canadian middle linebacker..

since montreal wont trade emry and bc wont trade yurichuk, nothing will happen.

Its very rare to see trades involving qb's done in the season.. i mean, people throw out porter, well, what if burris got hurt?then hamilton is in edmontons situation.

Reality, edmonton made their bed this past off season, i highly doubt you will see anyone trying to help tillman out. I just don't see it. The guy made their bed and now they are gonna have to lie in it.

Brink isnt going anywhere, Elliot isnt either, Pierce has no value, neither does Goltz. It's just the reality of the cfl.

You dont trade a qb to another team who lost theirs because next week you could lose yours.

Perhaps a team like montreal tho might move a guy like mcpherson who may be sick of waiting around for calvillo to retire but even then, what happens to them if calvilllo gets hurt.

If mack trades a qb to edmonton, he should be fired on the spot.

Think Elliot starting next week and we may need a back up!?

Why would we give up Best? We are fine with our Oline, no trades. Good point about Ottawa. Keep Pierce as ur third stringer and he goes to Ottawa and you lose nothing. Lapolice knows Jyles in Regina and Winnipeg, he won't trade for him. Porter I could actually see if thier 3rd stringer is any good, as Porter hasn't done anything in Hamilton including this season.

Elliot will likely start. Buck's injury didn't look very serious, they'll tape him up and use him as a backup Gloltz is healthy. Brinx could be one game or the rest of the season. He was knocked out cold, MRI and cognitive testing coming his way. What a hit that was. I think I'm concussed justhh watching it.