is it time to fire Taaffe??

Do or should we fire Taaffe,and if so..who do we get to replace him?
with better coaching we could be 3-2!
Its a frustrated team..I think it all stems from the coach!..IMO

Yes please, and you could probably find better replacements on this forum.

I nominate Russ. :wink:

2nd choice Danny Mac

Sure, after all those balls he dropped. Get rid of him.

Lumsden 10 touches, the o line was supposed to be our strength going into the season, overrated, with their blitz tonite we should have screened or done some quick outs, and why wont Printers run, has he been told not to, nothing is more frustrating for a defense to put pressure on only to have the QB take off.

I predict Printers will be gone before the end of the year unless Taaffe is gone and things improve. He must be wondering what the heck he's doing here.

Why 1 & 4, aren't the Cats right on schedule? Maybe even ahead of the pace. Let's face it last year they won 3 & 15...and were able to implement the biggest price increase in the teams history....the way I see it they only need to get another win in the next 7 games to keep the pace.

Maybe we can expect an even bigger hike next season...Oski-Wee-Wee :thup:

Taffy seems to be trying to Force his philosophy on the Offence and the rest of the CFL, Damn the torpedoes. On second and one They should have ran a QB dive behind the center, then if its still 3rd and short do it again, then it would have been 1st and goal from the 4 Dough :oops:

and where is Printer's going? Who will replace Taaffe? Lots of predictions, no real understanding.

If you want to suggest that 4 dropped passes is the reason behind this team's problems, then you're not watching the same team I am.

and where is Printer's going? Who will replace Taaffe? Lots of predictions, no real understanding.
No Understanding... Why don't you explain why Taaffe should stay and why the heck any decent player would want to play for this shipwreck if nothing changes... Hmmmm? Have you been watching the games?

NO, we need more major changes.

yep, been watching. just don't think that the fire, trade crowd with no input on replacements have no idea what they are talking about. passionate, yes. Football minds? not a chance.

beacause any decent player would love to come to a team not knowing who the HC and QB are really makes it appealing.

Well, what do you think we should do?

I would suggest that 4 dropped passes during this game made the difference.

Please Dontgo there.., Football minds?, Taaffe, has 4 wins in 23 Games as HC of this storied Franchise. Keep the assistants Obie Hired , And let Obie put his mark onm the Teams Play sets.And Go with Williams and Porter Trade or Cut Printers And pur the cost savings into the O and D line.

IN A WORD......YES!!!!!!! Go Back To Maryland or whatever rock you crawled out from under. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!

I don't know if Taaffe is a problem but I think anyone could replace Creehan. He just stands there with is arms crossed and a dumb look on his face... ALL GAME!

He never seems to coach anyone during the game. Horrible..

That's speculation. Could it have changed momentum? It's possible. Having said that, if you stick those 4 catches into the game, it changed nothing. The offense faltered and the defense decided to sleep in the 4th quarter. The dropped passes need to be addressed... but don't place the entire blame there. The whole team is backwards.

keep your heads about you. Don't fire everyone after a loss. It was a close game. Good D. Take the positives and cheer them on the next game. Nobody predicted a GC this year, like it or not, we are better this year and will get even better. In short, stop the "chicken little" syndrome that runs rampant around here. (yes, i know it's more than one loss...I know your all waiting to jump on that)