Is it time to evolve?

Is it time for "4th down"... with a punt, field goal attempt, or loss of possession the only allowable play on 4th down?


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It would take away from the passing game, and 2 down challenge that makes the CFL interesting.

That's a terrible idea. The scores are high enough. With the wide field, it would be way to easy to get 10 yards. Nobody is complaining,so I don't understand the reasoning. If you like 4 downs,watch the NO FUN LEAGUE.

Too much Coffee with liquor = silliness

We know that with the wider field, 3 downs for first down is "too easy". Probably most agree. The wider open game of the CFL is fun. Probably most agree.

So to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

You get three downs to get a first down. If you fail, the fourth down is a guaranteed change of possession. So when using a fourth down you can only score, kick, or just move the ball down the field for more yards and then must give the other team the ball.

That would be sort-of a 3.5 down kinda game.

So, how to evolve?

I don't even know why I bother coming on here in the off season... :expressionless:

or maybe.....Just maybe.....We could......leave it like it is!

No, no, ro, the game clearly needs to be “improved.” Attendance has gone up, ratings have gone up. This isn’t good. We need to do something… nay, ANYTHING… to get people interested in the league again.

My bad :oops:

What would the offseason be without rule change threads and expansion threads...............

My Argos sure could have used 4 downs on offence for most of last season.....

That takes away the whole point of the CFL.

...time to evolve?...heck's time for eggnog...and rum....


We still need to be different than the American game though, so...Five downs?

A happy and peaceful off-season? :smiley:

Now that's a better idea. Teams in the east get 4 downs ... :rockin: :rockin: (brace myself for the backlash!!! ... it was just a joke :oops: :oops: )

I think I said the same thing during the regular season when the Ti-Cats couldn't buy a win... :lol:

I say we play in the dark with a glow in the dark Nerf Football have 4 downs and switch to the Metric system " Esks line up on 4th and a Decimeter "

4 downs would be too easy for the wider field I think and extra offensive man to throw to, a defensive nightmare to defend agains't. My thinking is that 4 downs in the NFL is too many, maybe, and could be 3.5 downs and 3 downs in Canadian football is too few, maybe, and could be 3.5 downs.

Or we just leave it as it is, didn't someone say this already? :wink: