Is it time to change the import rule for QBs? 1 non-import?

How much of an impact would there be if 1 QB per roster had to be non-import?

At worst you would have 8 3rd-string CIS QBs in the league.

At best a starting CIS QB.

This is the next step forward for the league.

Had to be? No way. We'd just end up seeing one or two possibly qualified Canadians at QB, and six or seven unqualified guys holding clipboards. Teams should not be forced to carry non-imports at any specific position. The choice of where to use their non-imports should be up to them.

On the other hand, add an extra PR spot for a non-import QB that teams have the option of filling or not, and include the first and second QB spots, which teams would be crazy to fill with unqualified QBs, in the non-import roster count, and teams would have an incentive to sign and develop Canadian quarterbacks.

Absolutely, it's time. As if American QBs are that much better than Canadian QBs, as if we don't have scores of American QBs messing the bed and looking awful year after year after year. As if Tee Martin or any other of the 100 BS American Qbs to come through the league in the past decade merited the time, development, and chances over a single Canadian QB.

Just not enough decent CIS QBs out there. Yes, Quinlan has looked good in the CIS but let him compete one on one, I don’t understand this need to have Canadians everywhere it doesn’t add at all to the entertainment value. I don’t want to see a Canadian QB who has never faced a NCAA Tier 1 defensive player, running around and thrown around like a rag doll.

What’s next? someone is going to say we need more Canadians runningback punts? then it’s goodbye to exciting players like Chris Williams?
We have to stop this Xenophobia, if you are a football player you compete one on one, the best player wins the job. It’s the only fair way. Time to REDUCE the Non-Import ratio!!

I couldn’t agree more. At some point in time, for the CFL to be taken seriously as a professional football league, non-import players will need to legitimately earn these roster positions through open competition with all other available players. Until that time, the CFL will remain a de-facto development league where teams are forced to fill nearly half their rosters with under-skilled, under-experienced, under-performing players simply because they meet some arbitrary non-import classification. Antiquated, counter-productive and unprofessional IMO.

What a unique idea! I don't think we've ever discussed this on the forum. Comic book Guy would be so proud of me. "WORST IDEA EVER!"

Pat Lynch( the old, proud Canadian guy)

Hey Earl !!! pay attention and get your dictionary out your going to see both DISCRIMINATORY and BIASED being played out in this thread … :lol:

I disagree with the suggestion to eliminate or reduce the ratio. I fully support retaining it. The reasons have been stated many times in threads on that subject. There is no need to repeat them all again.

I hate the ratio, like some posters have mentioned it does nothing but bring down the excitement and skill level. It happens all the time when a few key Canadian players go down and the roster needs to get completely flipped around to work with the ratio and you see good players stuck on the bench.

Saying that im sure it wont get eliminated any time soon but I really would like to see some changes made to it.

If you play 2+ years in the CIS you should count towards the ratio no mater where you were born.
If you have lived in Canada x number of years (id go with around 5) and im talking about full time / year round.
If your a Canadian citizen

I fully agree with this.
Perhaps our CIS QB's have a greater CFL IQ of the Canadian game from playing within our rules.
Reading defenses is critical in a QB's progression and the wider field, extra player and more motion on offense is something that CIS QB's may have an advantage over NCAA QB's when coming into the CFL.
The Coaching in the CIS has improved greatly in the last 5 years and will progress even futher, shown by the depth and quality of athletes coming from the CIS.
Lets face it, alot of bad QB's have come and gone thru our league from the NCAA.

As for changing the total number of non-imports, perhaps that number (160? 20 per team?) should remain the same even after expansion. If the league expands to 10 teams, that would be 16 per roster and that would still mean 160 jobs for CIS players.

My opinions, and that of most others on this forum, on the import rule in general are posted here.

There is also at least one other thread specific to the topic of how to improve the lot of Canadian QBs in the CFL, including this one.

24 pages!!! What was the general consensus or was there one?

:D Pretty much what you see here, with the same people making the same arguments. Some wanting to abolish the import rule completely, others wanting to decrease the number of imports, and the rest supporting the status quo or minor tweaks to the rules.

I believe exactly the opposite would occur. Removing requirements for NIs would mean a revolving door of even more marginal US players desperate and willing to work for less. The CFL would be viewed even more strongly as a development league for the NFL. The CFLPA has for years used this argument to get the support of US players to keep the ratio strong as it keeps wages for both imports and non-imports higher by constraining the supply of talent.