Is it time to begin the Jamie Newman experiment?

The way I see it, the TiCats can, now, choose one of the following three plans:

  1. Carry on, as is and has been, and believe they can beat TOR on Labour Day by 25 pts.
  2. Carry on, as is and has been, with a goal of getting, and staying, ahead of MTL (& OTT) and getting to play a post-season game, believing anything can happen in the playoffs. Just get in.
  3. Start developing the, in house, QB who I believe is the team's best hope to develop into one of the league's best.

My choice is #3. If he's healthy enough, give Newman the reins as QB-1, the rest of the season, giving him a decent opportunity to show what he can do. Watching video of his play, at Wake Forest, I think I see similarities to Nathan Rourke.

I think Shiltz has been a pleasant surprise and has proven to be a good #2, here and he's our best, right now. However, what we've seen of him, in his 5 CFL seasons, wouldn't suggest, to me, that he's likely to become one of the league's top QBs, but I do think he's a keeper and should be a competitor, for the starting job, in training camp '23.

I don't see any team trading much to take on Evans' pay cheque, so I see his future as a re-structured contract, here or, more likely, elsewhere particularly if Newman shows what I think he could, the rest of this year.

Are the Cats on the hook for the remainder of a contract if they release a player?

I could be wrong on this but I believe it's after game 9 depending on years of service that a team is on the hook for releasing veteran players .

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Unless it has changed with the new CBA, a team is "on the hook" when releasing players after x number of games:

After 9 games: Veterans with six years or more in CFL have to receive 100% of their salaries.

After 10 games: Veterans with 5 years of CFL have to receive 100% of their salaries.

After 11 games: 4 years in CFL 100% of their salaries.

After game 14: 1 year or more-less than 4- 100% of their salaries.



Cats management believe in Evans or if they have changed their minds BC Lions are in dire need of a QB,maybe we keep a portion of the salary if that is OK in the CFL,we’d regret it but it’s an option if going with # 3 ,developing Newton ,trading or bringing in other QB’s

Evans has had lots of kicks at the can.

I’d like to see Shiltz, Newman and the 4th string guy play the rest of the way.

Evans will not be a Ticat next year, IMO.

Steinauer and Condell must be sick of his poor execution. It has caused them a lot of stress and misery this season.

I agree 100% to go with Shiltz,Newman and recruit a new NFL mobile PR. QB
Start Newman if Shiltz can't start.

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Well it all depends on who the least injured... Evans has a injured shoulder/rib cage some say they seen him with sore ribs last night along with his shoulder, Shiltz has a hand injury, either hand injury or broken hand had ice on it last night and Newman has a neck injury not sure how serious it is. As of right now our only QB not injured is Morton

Everyone's fav player on a below .500 team is always the backup QB.


On the Tiger-Cats it's also the backup Head Coach, the backup GM, the backup OC, the backup Owner, the backup...........


This team has TWO backup GMs.

Actually, THREE, since Orlondo out-ranks them...

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Basically none of them add up to a hill of beans. Who wouldn't trade this whole regime for one Hufnagel?


Keep Shiltz because even though he's a "game manager" and will never be a superstar, he shows the occasional flashes of brilliance, plus if Dominique Davis can still somehow be in a job then Shiltz definitely should be.

Plus, making it into the professional ranks at all when you've played college ball in the Pioneer League deserves some credit, no?

If the season is basically over for Hamilton, ditch Evans and run some ridiculously unorthodox formations - with two QBs on the field you could do an extreme version of "Colin Kaepernick football".

Have both Shiltz and Newman behind the O-Line so you have no idea what will happen - the ball could be snapped to either of them and a running play could happen from either of them - unless the defence shifts early preparing for a run, then either of them could sling it, or Shiltz starts running, throws a "flea flicker" back to Newman, who then slings it.

I would take one McManus. He deserves it.

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With absolutely zero evidence, I’ve always had it in my head that Kent drove Danny away. Danny seemed like he’d be content to spend the rest of his career here. Even married a local, I think. (Not Lesley Stewart)

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Send Dane to BC and let Newman and Schiltz share duties - I like it. But is it enough to contend for the Cup next year? Maybe bring Bo Levi in during the off season?

At this point I would prefer a shake up and a rebuild than watch this team squeak into the playoffs only to be clobbered by the West. Heck, maybe our playoff chances are better with Newman and Schiltz?


The idea of Danny Mac was floated around here after Shawn Burke left. He has extensive experience as a scout and Assistant GM. Based on what he's accomplished in Winnipeg he should definitely be looking for a promotion and Hamilton is a perfect fit.


Dane would probably light it up in that BC offence and then we would all lose our heads in here about why we let another great QB get away.

I would like to see Dane get a fresh start but right here in Hamilton surrounded by people who know how to put him in a position to win. If he still falters at that point then it's time to move on.


Are you saying to let Dane start for the rest of the season?

At this point we might not even be sure who is capable of starting. Evans, Shiltz and Newman are all nicked up to varying degrees.