Is it time Hank?

Should Hank hang it up? Maybe it's time for LeFevour to take the reigns! :cowboy:
This kid has potential!!! :rockin:

:roll: I personally think it's time for some "fans" to hang it up....or start paying attention to ...never mind, :(

Just wanted to add....offensive player of the week.

gw, whats that got to do with his brutal 4th quarter

Oh and 408 yards passing for the guys have impeccable timing

gw you are correct 408 yards passing, does the team get 2 points for that in the standings or just an ata boy

I see. So the only reason we didn't get 2 points according to you digbats was because of Hank? I suppose it had nothing to do with d webb facemask or his coverage on the last touchdown or the fact that the D couldn't stop the stamps on a 3rd and 6...or the missed field goals....No, according to you guys it's because the one player who will reach another year of over 5000 yards with a quarter back rating of over 100...2 years in a row...

Smart'n up you two.

Henry Burris is a good quarterback. And he likely will be for a few more years. Not his fault... he had them in line for the win with a few minutes left on the clock. The game was there for the taking when the DEFENSE was on the field.

You people...


X2...saw this thread coming. He will be our QB for 3.more years...thankfully.

Henry is a proven professional and if anyone is going to lead this team to a victory or a potential championship it's Henry Burris, comparing Burris to Dan LeFavor is like comparing a Formula One Race Car to a Scooter?

LeFavor's a good young QB but just not there yet and maybe in a year or two if given some playing time he can be the takeover QB in Hamilton. Henry Burris makes mistakes but so does every player and last nights game demonstrated that this team can play against a high performance team like Calgary, we didn't win but very close.

The problem with Hamilton, is not Burris it's the team as a whole needs to close out games, we have said it all year, no matter what team we play, we always leave the back door open to a comeback and we have to close that door and keep scoring points. We have Calgary back in Guelph in two weeks, if we can beat them convincingly in that game than I would say this team is back on track!

To the bashers out there, open your eyes. This team is close to being a strong contender with solid players at the key positions and good coaching. It's not smoke and mirrors and a prayer like it's been in the past. They have a chance in every game and it won't be long before they start winning their share of the games against the Stamps and Roughies.

Burris is obviously a key guy to all of this happening. The team finally has a bright future to look forward to.

It's gonna be great!

An Argo-Cat fan

I couldn't agree more. Hank makes plays. We need more players to make plays. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Put this guy in. All he does is score and win.

[url]- YouTube

Something for you 2 "wankers" to think about now that I've had a good nights sleep.

Is it also your opinion that John Cornish is done?
Even though he surpassed 1000 yards last night he only got 70 yards against us and got another selfish OC penalty to hurt his team.

According to your ridiculous thought process, it's time for him to hang it up too.

Please let this be sarcasm.

ARE YOU COMPLETLY NUTS? .........That is a rhetorical question.

Anyone saying Burris is done is speaking foolishly, but let's not let him off the hook for one of the biggest boneheaded play I've ever seen. Was it the only mistake by the team? No, but Burris doesn't get a pass because he threw for 400 yards or is going to lead the league in passing or anything like that. Under no circumstances should any QB ever attempt that pass. You wouldn't see Ray or Lulay or Calvillo try that, and Burris is in the same category as those guys. He should know better. But saying bench him for LeFevour? No, just no.

On post game tsn reported that the pass was tipped. I didn’t see it but there certainly was a reciever wide open beyond the defender.