Is It Time For the CIS To Give Out Athletic Scholarships?

Because we're losing many of our top athletes to schools in the US of A, is it time the CIS start giving out athletic scholarships? Only in certain sports like football and hockey.
In my opinion something has to be done to stop this drain of our best down south.
Not only would it keep them in Canada, scholarships would allow the best to continue to play their sport in university,
where under the current rules they may not have the marks or the money to get in.
An offshoot of all this of course is the CFL benefits by having a better pool of Canadian talent to draw from.
In fact the CFL could maybe donate a few million to the CIS to help cover some of the costs of these scholarships.
But I think the time for scholarships has come.
It will keep our Canadian kids in Canada. While at the same time improving the talent level in the CIS by leaps and bounds.

Where are they going to get the money for scholarships? In the US, attendance at games and TV money is big. In Canada, only a handful of schools get decent numbers of fans out and by decent I'm talking an average of about 7-10 thousand a game, very few, and the TV money is small.

Then they shouldn't be in.

I love these topics...

Let's hand out scholarships... let's built brand new, state of the art stadiums... let's put teams in this city and that city... Let's raise the salary cap by a significant percentage... Where the hell's all the money gonna come from? Did every Canadian win the lottery? Am I seriously the only middle-class Canadian left? I didn't realize everyone had become millionaires, and could afford to invest millions upon millions in stadiums and sholarships. That's awesome! :smiley:

Scholarships are being given out already for academic reasons.
Not that I guess you'd know about that.
So why not give another 60 or 70 per school for athletic reasons?
And who knows.
Better teams may draw better crowds so that schools start making money on sports.
Especially football and hockey.
NOt that the Americans do everything right, but when it comes to raising athletes the school system works.
Plus giving scholarships keeps Canadians in Canada.
And if you don't spend money, you don't make money.
You stay stagnant, you rot away.

Don't CIS schools have partial scholarships already? There are some American kids coming up here as it is, Do you want an American system where the athletes are given special treatment in academics?or open the floodgates and take position,s away from Canadian Kids? Besides the level of play in CIS is very high as it is. Accept for a few Toronto teams who get no support. I agree there are some athletes who cant get into Canadian Universities for financial or academic reasons BUT those kid,s can play Junior Football This is where the CFL should invest IMHO

CIS schools can give student-athletes tuition and compulsory fees. No money for books or room and board. In Alberta, the provincial government gives Alberta post-secondary athletes a Jimmie Condon scholarship, currently worth $1800. Some institutions take that money and count it as part of the CIS-allowed amount, others consider it an add-on.

IIRC, a student used to need an 80% average coming out of high school to qualify, but that has been or is soon being lowered to 70%. Thereafter they must simply maintain an acceptable GPA. Also, I don`t believe first year students get the money up-front, it is or was paid to them at the end of the academic year. And I understand that OUA does not allow its members to pay anyone the full amount of tuition and fees.

Fundraising would likely be a problem. And the U of Lethbridge, where I live, doesn`t seem keen to start. Though I played (basketball) for the Pronghorns when I attended U of L and have lived here all but five years since, I have never been approached (as an alumnus, or otherwise) for a contribution to the program.

exactly, who's going to fork over the money?

they already continue to hike tuition fees because they're losing money each year! it's not going to happen anyday here.

berezin you dream too big.

they don't HAVE any money to spend!! you have to understand, their academic requirements defeat your idea anyways.

they don't allow people to attend just for the hell of it, or because they're amazing athletes.. they have to have brains and have a certain grade to get in! not like in the USA where they get free rides and take basket weaving as their major!

and I for one agree. you can't just give anyone a college education, you are wasting the TAX PAYERS money!!

You wanna have YOUR taxes go up so that your d- student who happens to be fast and have a great pair of hands can go to college and get a course in some pathetic class?

lets see how far that goes once your taxes increase!

re-"Fundraising would likely be a problem. And the U of Lethbridge, where I live, doesn`t seem keen to start. Though I played (basketball) for the Pronghorns when I attended U of L and have lived here all but five years since, I have never been approached (as an alumnus, or otherwise) for a contribution to the program."_______________ This is the big differance in American football _ the ulumni stay with the program! RE-"You wanna have YOUR taxes go up so that your d- student who happens to be fast and have a great pair of hands can go to college and get a course in some pathetic class?"______________ This is why the CFL should be supporting the Junior Football leagues in Canada, who are a CFL life line for Canadian kids who cant afford or meet academic standards. but have CFL potential !!

Is It Time For the CIS to give out scholarships? No, that, "time" was decades ago. The CIS is that far behind. As for costs, under the proposed "flexible scholarship" program, full ride scholarships could be offered while the total money spent on a particular sport would stay the same. It would just be a question of how to spread the money around. So the issue of cost is a moot one. The time for better scholarships is long overdue.

I guess what Berezin wants, when he's not taking cheap shots at peoples' level of education, is a combination of public and private schools, just like it is in the U.S.. Because that's really the only way enough revenue can be generated for things like sports scholarships. So, you'll end up with a have and have-not system. Public schools, unless they raise tuition significantly more every year than they already do, will have to focus more on academics, while the rich private schools will have the money to spend on athletes. Meanwhile, the average student from average families won't be able to afford to get a decent education unless they take on a mountain of debt, or their parents see their taxes go through the roof.

The Canadian system is working as it is. Is it a football/sports factory like the U.S. system? No, but so what. So some go to the states. So what. Brain drain is more of an issue than the loss of talented athletes, many of whom probably return eventually anyway. Besides, these days American enrolment in Canadian schools is actually rising, because of the quality education that can be had a reasonable price. That's an important message about both the American and Canadian systems.

In the states, alumni cash contributions to colleges are tax deduductible, which is why they are able to generate so much cash for recruitment, equipment, facilities, etc.

well, I'll keep my Canadian ways instead of going to an American style system thanks! :roll:

AFAIK, they are deductible here, too. But as I stated earlier, Canadian universities (at least in my experience) don't seem to want to approach their alumni.

They should have had sports scholarships years ago. Especially with all of the fat teenagers around these days. It'll give them some motivation, to put down the iphone and get off the couch. It wouldn't cost a lot. The Government and universities waste more money on other useless programs. Plus over time I believe the CIS will grow more and more fans and could eventually recoup the costs.

Now I am not calling for a total American (NCAA) style system, where certain athletes get a free ride. They would have to keep their marks up, or be kick out. Just like anyone else.

The bottom line is this, if they don't start doing these we are going to loss are best athletes, or the CIS will lose it's schools to the NCAA.

Its a classic chicken and egg theory. The schools for the most part do absolutely nothing to bring back alumni back into playing a major role in sports programs. Sadly, as in most cases with Canadian sports not played on ice, petty politics usually plays far too big of a role and scares off potential support. In the US, alumni are invited back to their respective schools with the idea that they are really important and have a real say in the direction the program will take. They usually have their own private boxes/lounges in stadiums to create that private, "members only" club feeling where they really do feel like they have an ownership stake in the program. (in Canada, far too many schools play in glorified public parks, let alone having private boxes/lounges). For the most part here in Canada, that simply does not exist. The few schools that have done it (Laval Rouge et Or) are the ones that have seen the greatest success both on and off the field. Until these schools start thinking differently, nothing will change.