Is it time for Reed to move on?

I really liked this guy in his first year but lately not so much, has his players tuned him out ? I went to the game on Sat and from what I saw was a very uninspired football team.
He has a terrible record and his team takes a ton of penalties now I understand not all the penalties are his fault but I do blaime him when we get penalties for delay of game and not having the right personall on the field, it seems every game he has to call a timeout so he doesn't get a time clock violation.

Good question, I have not been Reed's biggest fan but have been willing to give him a chance. However at what point do the chances end. I am prepared to give him till the end of the season and if there isn't a turn around for this team he should be walking the plank. Yet another too many men penalty on saturday doesn't help (since that is a coaching issue, I wonder what the consequences will be there.

I am concerned with a number of factors with the Eskimo team including:

-inability to recruit a quality kick returner (hang that on GM)
-poor clock management
-reluctance to pull starting quarterback until it is too late
-too predictable on offence

I am also more than a bit upset with the departure of Mark Nelson, can't understand that move, but again that is on Hervey.

Maybe im just sick and tired of the team always getting rookie head coaches, it started with Machocha (had an awesome first year) then went to Richie hall now Reed . I think we need to get a established coach and leave the rookies for another team .

I thought they should've ended at the end of last season, but Hervey disagreed. Whenever he does get fired (I think it's more a question of when than if), I'll crack a Keith's in honour of the news. :smiley:

I suppose i will give it till the end of August if the team is still a mess then time to make some changes. We should see some improvement from the Offence this week, if the QB doesn't start well i hope Reed wont wait to long to go to the backup.

The next three games are Montreal away tomorrow and then out to August with Hamilton home and Toronto away after the break. The Hamilton game at home is a "must-win" and the other two are anything but.

Give Reed until after the first game in August should the Eskimos lose to Hamilton. Otherwise give him until the end of August to also win the next home game.

In early August you would have about two weeks to implement someone new and groom that new coach for also next season.

Reed likely would fare better as a defensive coordinator somewhere else.

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"Re-write second halves?" :roll:

The only decent first half was with 16 points in the win against lowly Hamilton.

I'd say the whole game plan but for the front four on defence has to be rewritten not just one half! What garbage! :thdn:

You can hang the Eskimos woes on Eric Tillman. Had he not traded a future hall of fame quarterback for Steven Jyles, this team is .500 at worst. No qb= limited success in the CFL.

Cant argue with you on that point, ET set us back few years . I do have faith in reilly i think he will be a star in this league in 2 to3 years . If we can get a head coach and not change are coaching staff every year we should do alright.

Yeah right on G&W and Oiler :thup:

Of course keep Reilly and the offence but tweak the receivers and change up that line. The defence is rather good but just on the field too much.

I hope Ottawa does not grab Crompton or Nichols.

A new solid head coach might be in order by the end of August to help shape things up at least for next year.

The drama around Reeds actions tells me he is blaming the players for the poor play. He doesn't seem to be taking any of the blame. Couple more loses and he will be on the bubble. Perhaps Marshall as a replacement.

A tad contradictory, no ?

But anyway, I agree with you; I think Reed's time is up. Too many mistakes he just should not be making. Playing QB roulette in the second quarter was puzzling to say the least, and blowing it with the timeouts and having to burn one because the wrong players were on the field, sorry, this is game 5, those mistakes are inexcusable. Time for Kavis to accept the "consequences".

while i agree time is getting short on Reed, my biggest fear is that we change coaches way too often and get no improvement from the team since there is no consistency with the playcalls.

My bad i should have said not change our offensive and defensive coordinators so often . But after tonight i ready to go and pack Reeds bags myself.

As far as taking out Reilly i didnt mind it to much but Reed should have done it closer to the half and make it clear that he would be back in . Sometimes its good to watch a few possessions from the sideline.
I must say though this was a good experience for Reilly and i think a game like this will pay huge dividends going further into the season .

I will not question sitting Reilly for a few plays as I have criticized Reeds reluctance to do so in the past. I didn't expect quite the sideshow it turned out to be however.

I do not think yesterdays game was Reeds finest hour or his worst. Wasting the challenge and the time-out on the spot of the ball on the questionable single point was by far the biggest error in my opinion as there has never been a spotting of the ball call that has been reversed.

Reed or Miller (OC for the Als). Which one may go first'? I will crack a Keith's if it's "Miller" time ! :wink:

This is not the time to talk of firing coaches.........though Montreal's might be an exception to that. Changing horses in midstream is rarely a good thing to do.........stick with Kavis and he might prove the naysayers wrong.

I was gobsmacked when Kavis pulled Mike from the were the TSN panel who got into quite the heated debate over the move. However, when I saw how well Mike performed after his time on the bench I had to give KR credit for the move. That last minute drive down the field led by Mike was textbook stuff.

That said, Kavis' really needs to make sure that when he challenges a call, he has a chance of winning. It was clear he wouldn't win that one and it cost the team a time-out that might have made the difference when the Esks got to the goal line. Though, why the refs didn't do the auto-review on that call is still beyond me. And.........why didn't Grant know before heading to the end zone that he was to take a knee. Esks got lucky when they held Mon to a FG after the kick.

I could be wrong but didn't they blame Reed when Sask lost the Grey Cup game to Montreal for having a extra man on the field.

But the Esks have fired a coach mid season before. (Can't remember his name) And they did fire Don Matthews in pre season.

I'll give Reed a few more games......

Reed's not going anywhere considering Hervey already extended his contract. We're stuck with him until the end of the season. If Hervey fires Reed now, he's going to destroy any credibility he has by appearing wishy-washy.