is it time for Darian Durant to go?

Being a true rider fan i'am thinking Darian Durant's time is up. and our new coach needs to get his act together too.

nice first post ever antagonist

grow up

Why does this same post keep showing up? Now Rob Vanstone will have another article about Rider fans calling for DDs head.

TSN had an interesting stat on how his numbers are better then Calvillos after the first 43 games played by both players. Their have been huge changes to the team, will take time to recover.

Just a troll from another team hoping his real team will get a hold of DD. It's not going to happen, so get over it!!

DD has that spark of greatness. Stoic confidence, athleticism and leadership. He is a franchise player and you'd have to be a fool to let him go. Look at what he has done in 3 years! If you are one of those who wants him to leave, you should find another team to cheer for. You will be waiting a long time. Go Riders!

No. It is not time for Darian Durant to go. Ever.

To answer your question....NO! Sounds like you've fallen on your head one too many times.

DD is the man, and will be for many years. He will start rolling now you watch. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I like how we posted this after Durant's best game this season :roll:

His only post ever...just being a donkey

Considering DD's skill set, he will have more good games than bad games this season. I suspect we expected Darian to continue to improve from last year. This was an oversight on our part...we need to let him do his job and be supportive, win or lose.

:thup: :thup:

You're a loser. Just sayin'.

guys, Durant has a certain way of playing this game.

He has successful and unsuccessful styles.

What I don't understand is why Berry keeps Durant in the pocket when it's obvious he is NOT a pocket style QB.

He's a QB that needs to be mobile, needs to move around the field and use his legs.

He lets him do it all game vs Montreal and look what happens??

then he gets to play Calgary and he's BACK in the pocket again..

I do not get it really.

If Durant was under a coach like Hufnagel, or Trestman or heck even Reed in Edmonton they'd be using his strengths and making them work for their advantage.

they certainly would not be keeping him in the pocket and getting him killed out there.

First question would have to be, who`s available? There are the usual suspects...Printers,Picket? Trade for Jarius Jackson, or Cleo Lemon?

Michael Bishop is with the Stamps, but may become available, will know more this week, perhaps some news Tuesday on the Bishop front. Word is Huf may keep Bishop on the roster even if Tate plays this week. So Bishop may not be available. Probably the best fit for Riders.

Doug Flutie is reportedly in game shape, plays basketball pretty much daily.

Nobody is available that wouldn't be a big step down from what we have now.

This was posted from another site (RF) by a poster which is not me:

[i]vs Calgary (28 atts, 16 com, 215 yds, 1 TD, 0 Int) the rating was 93.6

vs Montreal (20-14-177-1-0) rating was 114.0 and over the last two games rating has averaged 102.1

Calculations per on line program for CFL/NFL pass efficiency rating. [/i]

He has not played poorly the past 2 games, all things considered.

factor in a couple drops and his numbers were great!

in my mind.. out of all the QB's that are out there that i'm pretty sure would be available.

Drew Tate is the best choice for the future Starter of ANY team.

he will unfortunately become the Starter for the Stampeders one day though and nobody else.

so then, who else is out there?

Porter? no. he's not ready yet. We already gave up Dalton Bell. Maybe in a few seasons Brink in Winnipeg would be..

Montreal has their #2.. but he's next after Calvillo so forget that.

so that's it.. BUT

Durant isn't going anywhere, he just needs the right coaching to go along with his talent and ability.

btw, the worst thing that the Riders could EVER do for their future, would be to release Durant.

I would be extremely upset and I would likely be mad at them for a long time.