Is it time for a Uniform update?

I see that the Lions have updated their jerseys they look terrific

I think personally it's time for an updated look for the cats

How about going back to a gold helmet with black uniforms

Curious to know everyone's thoughts

i do love the H alternate helmet with the hammer striping

Honestly think they should wait until the 2025 season for the helmet switch as it will be the 40th anniversary since they last wore them in 1985 .

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yea 40th anniversary would make sense for a special edition uni and helmet.

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Ticats have great unis now


I'd like to see them return to "gold" (yellow) helmets. There are too many black and near-black helmets now.

I'd also like to see them bring back some white (above the black-yellow stripes) on the home sleeves.

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If we are going to have "gold" helmets, will they be the actual "gold" ( more like chrome yellow...think Kodak yellow) or yellow like the ones they tried to do in 2010???

Personally, I'd like to see an alternate uni that is in the Hamilton Flying Wildcat colours. The REAL colours unlike the last time it was attempted!!!

Sounds too nostalgic.

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Go really retro with itchy wool sweaters with a big old plain H embroidered on the front. Maybe some updated leather helmets for the press conference announcement only that they can sell to the fans later.

Actually always liked the gold helmets from the 70s. Welder is right they didn’t quite nail it in 2010. Those looked more orange than anything.


I don't know what led to the club choosing the just two-colours-used jerseys of several recent seasons. Are they supposed to be a short-sleeve version of the mid-fifties look?
The first thing I'd like to see, somehow, changed on today's jersey is that itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow......tiger..... at the top of the sleeves.
I never imagined a day when I'd use Giguere as a better example, of anything, but if they keep that tiger there, it has to be, at least, this big.


Back to yellow helmets and get rid of the stripeless pants.


Sounds exactly the last part of the team name...Which is what it is...

Cats need to continue to modernize and sell merchandise to younger people.

No, we don't need the full or 3/4 striped sleeve.

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try flat yellow

@ottawacat Thanks for the pic of Mr. Scott. Great memory of when two Ancaster High goofs named Gunner and Frank came down (probably hitchhiked) to the playoff game in '72 and #53 dropped two primo tix on us when we were in the middle of haggling with a scalper. Two low row seats in the 'New North Stands' for a handshake.
Regarding any uniform change, the leaping tiger (the best logo in sports) needs to be bigger on the shoulder and MUST remain on a black helmet. No stripe GOLD pants, please.


I think the colour is called molten gold.

Trump would suggest Grabber Yellow :laughing: The colour of my 1970 Mustang .


You can learn a lot from old uniforms.

I hated those Wildcat helmets I'd rather stick with a black ones in that case

They had to put something on the helmets in 2013 because in the early '40's there were no logos on the Wildcat helmets. The uniforms themselves were OK with he exception of not having the blue stripes on the shoulders...