is it time for a Dual Cross over .

The CFL east is Pathetic This year.

I think The CFL next year 2015 should bring the possibility of Dual Cross over
here an Example using this year
If Both the West Teams The Blue Bombers & Lions have better record then let say Montreal and Hamilton

Both Cross over .or if east Teams have better record they would cross to The West.

Hamilton and Montreal would miss the playoffs if this Dual Cross over was in place this year.

Or course if East have better Record then West 2nd and west Team same would apply

Teams that win should make the plays Bottom Line Regardless of Divisions

Bottom 3 Teams in East Combin Record
3 and 18

Bottom 3 West Teams

I rest my Case

This is the same themed thread that you posted a week ago. Just add to your original thread instead of cluttering the board.

Many people answered & responded to you then and I'm sure their opinions have not changed.

Please just focus your attention upon the Detroit Lions since you're obviously a person who just waits in the weeds & comes out to complain.

Maybe the Lions can cross-over to the BIG10 ... Then they'd have a chance!

You have no case, it's the middle of August. Let's discuss in October when you might have a case.

+1! Agree 100%.

no you all wanted an East Division This way you keep the east Division

Just the best teams still make the playoffs this way

I like the idea of a dual cross over. It would be a shame if the best teams regardless if Division didn't make the playoffs. I know it's happened in the past but it isn't a good situation. I think if the threat of not making the playoffs was greater, GMs would be under more pressure to improve their teams. The best teams should be rewarded with a playoff game, not the mediocre ones.

An Argo-Cat fan

Having East teams (plural) cross over is of course, impossible, because there aren't enough teams in the East for that to happen.
Way to think that through.

No I actually like the way it is now this year, The Western Division and The Loser Division!

So, how about the First Place teams, East & West, host the finals and the other 4 teams in the playoffs are the remaining 4, league wide, with the best records. A wildcat format would determine which team plays where in the semi-finals, and to where the two winners go for the finals.

Many of the East teams losses and West teams wins were close, so the East teams are not as bad and the West are not as good as their records appear, by the end of the year the luck may even out, but then again it's a short season, so who knows.

This what I am saying .
I don’t how many Players I’ve heard East Divison say we still got Chance and Laugh it off.
Not just in Hamilton but montreal and Ottawa as well
a Dual Cross over would fix this without killing the east and West Division that I’ve told is what the league is.

The ironic thing about all this dual cross-over talk is the fact that the team who finishes in 5th in the West and thus doesn't make the play-offs this season regardless could very well be the Blue Bombers. The other irony here is the fact that if the Bombers were still in the East then the Cats would be buried behind them and the team from Toronto. So let's just thank our lucky stars that the Bombers as unfortunate as it is for them are now back in the West and a good bet to perhaps have a 10 win season or better and still miss the play-offs this year.

Revised Eastern/Western Standings if Winnipeg was still in the East


Toronto............3-4-0-6 (play-offs)


B.Columbia........4-3-0-8 (play-offs-crossover)

After further thought, on my idea (above), I'd suggest that format should be applied only in the very rare year(s) when only 1 Eastern team is among the league's top 6 teams by final standings. When just 2 teams in either division are among the top 6, the cross-over format, as we know it, should still be followed. Following the first format every year would likely increase the chances of Grey Cup games not being East vs.West.

If you watch baseball you'll remember 1987 when the Blue Jays had the 2nd best record in all of MLB and missed the playoffs. Detroit was in 1st and Toronto 2nd, 3 teams with worse records than Toronto made the playoffs that year, it's the curse of being in a tough division, the Blue Jays have learned to deal with it, it may not be fair, but that's life.

The league never wants a West versus West Grey Cup. (Though we've sort of had that already, since in the minds of many fans, Winnipeg has never been an Eastern team in the traditional sense).

The current crossover format is meant to pay lip service to the idea of fairness. However, the crossover team is not permitted to be the home team in their playoff games in large part because the league wants it to be as difficult as possible for a crossover team to actually advance the represent the opposite division (by which they mean "The East") in the Grey Cup.

It's all about television numbers. Many people watch the Grey Cup who ignore the CFL the rest of the year. The league is afraid that losing the "regional rivalry" element would hurt viewership of the Grey Cup game.

Currently, the fourth place team crosses over if their record is better than the third place team's in the other division. You're suggesting that both the fourth and fifth place teams cross over if both of their records are better than the second place team's in the other division. Interesting idea. That might work. I suspect that it wouldn't happen very often, and might not happen even this year. Once the Ticats start playing eastern teams - as long as they get one of their starting QBs back soon - their record should start to improve.

for a League to prosper it must Make it product Better
The east is not better for last few years it getting worse .
A Dual Cross would force east Team to get better
Playoff money is big to players in gate driven league

It will make CFL a Better League in the long run.

Players come and go. The current TSN deal has the league in better financial shape than they've been in for decades. Why would they want to mess with that?

Quite Possible but a threat of Dual cross Make this more exciting
It push east Team to be better . and when That 10 Team comes The Dual Crossover is bigger deal.
The CFL Wants to innovators They done that with PI challenge now do it again Dual Crossover.