Is it Sunday yet?

Can't wait.

LETS GO CATS :rockin:


No kidding, eh? Way too much time between games for us fans. After waiting fourteen years, waiting a whole week is torture.

Only 5 more sleeps!!

Man, I'll be holding my own Grey cup party in Arizona !! for the beloved Ticats. I told my wife, that we're watching the game and to make no plans. I'll bring the beer !! :smiley:


im debating about a having a GC party or heading downtown to watch at a bar.. leaning towards bar. it'll be crazy downtown when we win!!!

I wish I was in the Hammer to watch and celebrate with the fans. Should be a great party and I know that ( being a native Hamiltonian) that we can drink like it's no tomorrow, lol.

you'll be here in spirit!

NO 4 more sleeps cause I won't be able to sleep saturday. Come on Sunday