Is it really that bad?

Well, after the loss Riderville is going into it's ceremonial suicide watch. But is it really that bad?

We need to expand our run game, yes.

Grice-Mullen should be back next week, that will help.

O-line is by far the worst part of our team, but even they have decent games.

What else?

What else? Well special teams have, and continue to be, High Schoolish at best.

Look at the bright possibilities... Brendan Taman could do the best thing for Riders Football and resign.

I'm embarassed with the fact that 14 games into the season the Riders have not made any serious fixes or adjustments to their pathetic Special teams performance..

like really?

I just thought that many players put in a poor effort against the Argos; this was the offence we saw in losses to Edmonton and Winnipeg. I did not expect to see that again this season.

True, all. But with all our warts, we are but one win away from first place.

No, in my opinion, it really isn't that bad. Sure, I expected us to beat Toronto at home, as did most people, and the loss stung. From what I saw at the game, it just felt like an off-day for too many players on the team. I don't like it, but It happens. Toronto earned that one.

Through it all, however, we're now 9-5, which is a pretty decent record to have at this point. The good news is that we have beaten every team in this league at least once, and that includes whoever will be standing in our way for the Grey Cup.

We're in the playoffs, with second place and home field in the west semi locked up, and still with a great chance at first. I like our chances, and while this loss was disappointing, I'd prefer to have it now versus a non-division rival than later on.

Go Riders!

No it's not all bad. The true fans stand behind the team still, we just like to "discuss" areas for improvement. It's what separates us from the animals (like stamp fans), our ability to try and improve our lot in life. It's called "passion". The kinds of rationale discussions in hese forums are the kinds of discussions that occur among the coaches and front offices of all the CFL teams. Without it this league would die. I hate it when people take any fan criticism or comments as all is doom and gloom. I'm not suggesting this was the intent of this blogg but it's something you see a lot when a fan doesn't like the outcome of a game (loss or win). In fact I'd argue that a fan who gushes nothing but positive comments after a win isn't a true fan since they are not seeing those areas that need improvement (like a coach should be doing).

The coaches need to finally take a look at their Special teams problems. and HOPEFULLY this debacle will get them to finally do it.

plus they need to review why their offense was unable to get things going…

Riderfan23: You're right. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know the difference between constructive criticism (with a touch of passion) and "gloom and doom"!!!

Toronto played a solid game but our Riders did seem to lack some intensity. Hats off to the Argo special teams, fake taking a knee in the endzone and with the help of a major foul they are 1st and 10 on their own 35 yard line. Well done. Probably won't happen again though.

Thanks Stanthefan. At the end of the day we live in a great country with the luxury of watching an exciting 'uniquely' Canadian game watched by passionate fans across the country. At the end of the day it's all good (just better if the Riders win). Looking forward to a good game for first place against Calgary. God I hope we win. If we don't (or do) I'll be back here blogging about areas to improve.