Is it possible?

That the CFL could have even greater success by moving the Rens. to either Quebec or Halifax? and then award a tenth team to the city the Rens. don't go to??

The reason I ask this is because here in the states, history hasn't always allowed Washington D.C. to have a pro team. Yes they pretty much have always had a football team, but only recently recieved a baseball team.

And the city of New York (which many people here consider the "popular" capital of the country) Had some pretty successful teams in the "cult" sports area like NLL,MISL and even AFL at one or two times. Many people think that unless you have a team in N.Y.C. your league will not succeed, yet the three above mentioned leagues have thrived and grown after losing a N.Y.C. team.

I guess what I am trying to get Canadian opinions on is this:

If there is a real chance of CFL success in Quebec and Halifax? Could the league flurish and grow without an Ottawa franchise at all??

i dont think the league needs ottawa, but they do need 9 teams or more...the only reason ottawa is the 9th team, is they have a stadium and QC and Halifax don't....i feel a move to Quebec-city would be much better for the league.

then expand to halifax afew years later.

I agree DG. The league doesn’t need a team in Ottawa. And I also agree with moving them to QC then expand to Halifax later.

I don't think QC would suppot the CFL, and I think the Gades would have a better chace in Ottawa.

Expansion to Halifax, we are dead set on it!

Why would you assume that Quebec would not support a CFL franchise? Did you know that Quebec (the province) has more amateur football teams in action than any other province in Canada? Its a football hotbed .. Hard to believe - but its true.


Kanga'd better find a better newsservice, he seems to think that QC can't support CFL football and that Orlich is trying to bring Major League Baseball to Edmonton. Sheesh is right!

As a fan of the Renegades and a fan of the Ottawa Roughriders before them, I am offended at all this talk about moving the team to Halifax or Quebec City. I am doubly offended at the suggestion that the only reason Ottawa has a CFL team is because there is a stadium here. Football is alive and well in Ottawa. Even the mighty Sens were struggling until Melnyk came along with the right people and the right package.

In the near future, there is no feasible way that Halifax or Quebec City will get a CFL team. None. Absolutely none!

no its not!

High Five are the minority in Ottawa. Only 2000 share your optimism.

The CFL would continue to look like a bush league if it sticks a team in a 10,000 seat college stadium.

IF Halifax gets the next Commonwealth Games, then it will get a CFL team AFTER a stadium is built and the games are over, in 2013.

Your short memory has neglected the issues in Hamilton and TO just a few seasons back. The huge crowds in those cities is a VERY RECENT change of events.

if the CFL moved into QC's PEPS stadium, they can draw 20K..same as the Als do now...then expand the stadium after a couple years.

and if halifax lands the commonwealth games, tom wright has said the city would work with the CFL to have the stadium completed long b4 the CG games.

I hope we have CFL teams in Ottawa, QC and Halifax so we would continue to have unbalanced divisions.

i dont care if the divisions are unbalanced if theres 11 teams....better than a balanced 8 teams.

that would be 11 markets drawing TV ratings and CFL media interest.

how about adding this tidbit to the it possible.......

Sunday Special: 42-year-old man trying to make CFL

By David Hughes
The Tribune-Star
If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big.

That was Jim Davis’ attitude last week as the Lewis resident prepared to try out for the Ottawa Renegades of the Canadian Football League today at Indiana State University’s Memorial Stadium.

By the way, Davis is no spring chicken. He’s 42 years of age, never played college football and played only one season of organized football. That was in 2005 when he played fullback, safety and special teams for the Evansville Vipers semi-pro team.

To say he’s a longshot to make the Renegades and become the CFL’s oldest rookie ever might be putting it mildly.

But don’t tell that to Davis.

“His heart’s in it,� Vipers Coach Tony Bass told the Tribune-Star. “The average age on our team was 23 or 24. But for the time he was with us, he was impressive. He taught a lot of guys to never give up on their dreams.�

“I was looking for a [professional] team that would be willing to let me make a statement for us ‘old-school players’ � that 40 years old is not too old to follow your dreams,� explained Davis.

Davis works as a monitoring technician at Newport Chemical Depot, offensive coordinator for the North Central Junior High School football team, physical conditioning director for North Central High School and, most importantly to him, pastor at First Christian Church in Shelburn.

Davis is married and has three sons ages 14, 13 and 10, all aspiring to be high school football players. After serving 10 years in the Marines, he earned a bachelor of science degree in bible and religion and master of science degrees in business leadership and clinical counseling, all from Southern Christian University in Montgomery, Ala.

“My vision of what [making a pro team at age 42] would do for the older athletes in this country, as well as the high school kids who are told that they have no shot in ever making a team after high school, would be very strong,� Davis emphasized.

Although Davis lacks football game experience, the 6-foot, 205-pound former U.S. Marine is in excellent physical condition. He said he can bench-press 420 pounds and run a 4.47-second 40-yard dash.

Davis already attended one of the Renegades’ tryouts at Jacksonville, Fla., last month and was informed by scout Hal Dyer that they may want to give him a shot as an outside linebacker.

“We don’t care about a person’s age,� Dyer said on his cell phone Friday while driving to another Renegade tryout slated for Saturday at Columbus, Ohio. “We only care if a person can play football… We’re open minded.�

Dyer estimated that the usual age range for athletes attending a CFL tryout is 23-28. Bass said he’ll be bringing about 10 Evansville-based players from the Vipers � mostly in that age range � to the Renegades’ tryout today in Terre Haute.

“Usually, we get people who have finished their college eligibility or we get people who have gone to [preseason] camp with an NFL team and got cut,� Dyer noted. “We get a lot of people from semi-pro and indoor arena-type teams.�

Dyer has been conducting pro tryouts for more than 10 years. He said he’s already signed 10 tryout players from various locations for the Renegades’ 2006 preseason camp in May and he would like to sign 16-18 more in the next few weeks.

Ottawa finished third in the four-team CFL Eastern Division with a 7-11 record in 2005, so Dyer said improvements are needed.

“A year ago [while working for the Calgary Stampeders], we had the Rookie of the Year receiver [originally discovered at a tryout],� Dyer mentioned. “A guy [who impresses scouts during a tryout] may not get called now. But we form depth charts. Down the road, if one of our players is not performing the way we expected or he gets injured, we go to our next-best list.�

That list includes names of athletes who impressed during open tryouts, such as today’s at Memorial Stadium where athletes will be asked to run the 40, perform the short shuttle and go through other football-related drills.

When asked about Davis, Dyer said he advised him to improve his speed and flexibility a little more.

Dyer wouldn’t say whether Davis has a good chance of being invited to the Renegades’ camp, adding that he keeps a positive attitude toward all potential players.

“I think they were surprised, because of my age,� Davis assessed. “He [Dyer] wanted me to work more on my footspeed. So I’ve been playing racquetball and doing a lot of sprinting to improve my footwork.�

Regardless of whether Davis is on Ottawa’s preseason opening-day roster June 3 when it squares off against the Montreal Alouettes at Halifax, he’ll be glad he made the effort.

“I really want to show people it doesn’t matter what circumstances you’re up against,� he said. “If you want something bad enough and if you work hard enough at it, your dream is possible.�

Registration for today’s open tryouts at Memorial Stadium will begin at 8 a.m. Drills may last as late as 6 p.m., depending on the number of athletes who register.

Registrants must bring all types of shoes needed for sprints and football drills. A registration fee of $90 cash is required, even for those who have attended previous Ottawa tryouts.

If it's such a great place to have a team, then why isn't anyone from Quebec City coming foward wanting to buy the Ottawa franchise. There isn't a word about the Renegades trouble in The Quebec City newspapers. Not one article... You would think they would jump on the occaision to start a team with a good core of players instead of starting from scratch. Is there Biilionaire calling the CFL office about moving the team in Quebec City? Right now the citizens are fighting to keep their zoo open and following the playoff run of the Remparts in the LJMQ...

ACtually Quebec and Halifax had the top two attendances in the Q. Qubec beat Halifax by not much.

Continue? I disagree that they look bush league now, but if there's any hint of it the blame lies with that sad sack three ring circus they are operating in Ottawa right now. At least the Bombers and Riders have a fan base and some stability in their ownership and management (although I know some would question that)

That said, it would be sad to see the Ottawa franchise gone again. I am one that agrees we need a franchise in the nation's capital. It has to be a healthy viable operation though, otherwise it will just continue to be a burden on the rest of the league.


The games will be over in 2014 not 2013. And it will start to be built in late 2007. Right after its announced.

My CFL includes 9 teams, or actually anything from 6 teams onwards. The reason I say this is because I grew up with a 6 team NHL and know from experience that a 6 team league is just fine and dandy. Does anyone here think that the Leafs and Habs are going to say their SC's won when the NHL was just 6 teams don't count or matter? Of course not and in fact, the skill level of the play with only this amount of teams made the league better skill wise than what we see now.

And Ottawa is a football city, look how Ottawa supported the GC recently and with a team that had folded and hasn't made the playoffs in decades. All they are asking for is classy ownership, American, Canadian or otherwise. And that isn't too much to ask. The only thing is that unfortunately Ottawa isn't the type of town that has that community spirit of a Regina or Winnipeg to make community ownership viable, and I'm not sure any city in the East is.

The province of Quebec is a football province as we all know now with more and more young people playing and that, along with soccer, as field sports. Baseball withouth the Expos is in decline I believe. QC I think could support a CFL team in a 25,000 stadium and who knows, maybe people are making noises behind the scences to have a team there. And they can play in an undersized stadium for a while just like the Calgary Flames did in that 8,000 seater until the Saddledome was constructed.