Is It Possible to Be Any More Disgusted As A Ticat Fan?

Like I said this team talks a good game but doesn't bring it on the field. You got people here ready to annoint leaders on this team and we couldn't find a leader on this team if Bob offered someone a million dollars to claim the role. You got guys firing off in the media about how things will be different next week and what did they do? The same they always do. They TALKED. TALK TALK TALK. That's what every single player on the Hamilton Tiger Cats is all about. They're all Talk. They should shut the hell up, hang their heads and get working. This is a disgrace, a disaster and an embarrassement. Bob, spend some money and buy these guys some pride because they all s.uck.

Yes the Season has just Started..:lol:
I think where due for a win..
Montreal is Struggling as bad as we are..

hey ticatsgrr8, if it was like 9 or 10 games into this season and this continued on, i would agree with
your embarassment sentiment, but again, this is what you fans praised in the off-season-CHANGE. no other team in the league was forced to make wholesale changes to right the ship but the cats. i do, however agree that losing 30-18 or something a little more respectable than 14 points in 2 games and no td's would ease the pain a little.i guess what you're saying is that if the team at least showed progress in these losses and teased the fans with a td now and then but maybe the problem lies in the communication of the system and not the players
executing it.

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anyone see ticat players at hess lastnite celebrating that amazing on-field performance?

I think Cats fans would be a little more giving if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But there's only darkness, blackness, a bottomless void of nothingness, a bleak, dreary future, not even a scintilla of hope.

But before you get too depressed, remember that as long as the CFL has the rouge, it's unlikely the Cats will ever be shut out.

An Argo-Cat fan

anyone see ticat players at hess lastnite celebrating that amazing on-field performance?
So if YOU have a bad day at work, are YOU not entitled to go out and blow off a little steam?? I think you're taking this game a little too seriously. This is their JOB, they don't have to mourn every loss just to appease YOU.
I think Cats fans would be a little more giving if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But there's only darkness, blackness, a bottomless void of nothingness, a bleak, dreary future, not even a scintilla of hope.

But before you get too depressed, remember that as long as the CFL has the rouge, it’s unlikely the Cats will ever be shut out.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks for the pep talk BF, it really helped…lol

It has to be said. 5 points is pathetic. It’s not good enough. There is definately something wrong with the system. Has been here since the inception of the team. All those losing seasons, how can it happen here? We’ve made changes and we always get the same losing results. It’s phenmomenal. That’s the only thing the Cats do well. Find ways to lose. 28,000 fans they drew to witness yet another debacle at home, but the fans STILL keep coming out, it’s incredible. We’ve become the Chicago freaking Cubs. Loveable losers, but the Ticat’s are not even anywhere close to being lovable. Maybe laughable is a better term. The Laughable Losers.

Although I can FEEL your pain, grate-guy ... I too think it is still a little EARLY to be COMPLETELY irate.

As much as the FANBASE WANTS to cheer a winning product, there is NO AVOIDING the learning curve, and growing pains this team MUST ENDURE.

You may not want to HEAR it, but it doesn't make it LESS TRUE ... PATIENCE is required in this situation.

Yes, there are a few SPECIFIC problems we can highlight, but the BIG PICTURE remains ... this is a YOUNG TEAM, with NEW Coaches ...

After, 4 or 5 games, if there is still no SIGNIFICANT improvement shown, then, by all MEANS - let 'er rip with BOTH Barrels ... I'll SUPPLY the AMMO !


I saw a few out but they sure didn't seem to be celebrating a thing.

Well, I tried to let the frustrated emotion of sitting through that debacle wear off before making any comments.

However, I find myself just as disgusted now as I was walking out of the stadium. Last night was one of the poorest efforts I've seen from an offence in all my years. Hell, Bob Torrence and Don McPherson moved the ball better than we did last night.

Anyways, I think last night really brought to light two glaring weaknesses of this team. While I can't say that Maas played well, in fact he played poorly, he got no help from anyone, anywhere on the field. Our offence is sorely lacking in a genuine #1 receiver and seems to have little cohesiveness on the O-line.

I believe it's time for further changes. I think at QB we remain relatively OK. I think Maas deserves one more shot at starting, if only to verify that he's played his way out of the starters job. Chang was unimpressive last night, but I believe shows promise for the future.

Anyways, all the talk of using Holmes as a Thomas Haskins type player has come to nothing. He gets few touches out of the backfield and I can't recall him lining up in the slot. As one of our few quality offensive assets, who seems underused while retaining value throughout the league, I think it's time to contemplate a trade.

Holmes is a good back that both Toronto and Edmonton could use, even Sask for godsakes. We are desperate for a quality reciever who can make things happen on his own and get down field with reliable hands. Brock "I lost my hands" Ralph and Talman Gardner have proven ineffective as deep threats and frankly I find it hard to believe that any team would take us seriously with those two as our deep guys. Nate Curry, the "Next Earl Winfield" didn't make a catch last night and anyone else running around out there was invisible. We need someone who makes other teams worry. That, more than any system will allow our other receivers to get open. It's hard to develope young players when their confidence is shattered every time they go out there.

Perhaps I'm ranting here, but I've watched this team struggle towards futility for a long time now. We don't need Cory Holmes, we need a #1 reciever. I think the situation is clear.

It just goes to show you they have no pride. Anybody with an iota of personal pride wouldn't be caught dead in public after a performance like that. That would take more nerve than they've showed on the field for the last 7 years. I wouldn't even have the face to look my wife in the eye. And don't give me this, it takes time crap. The Ottawa Roughriders came back after a lengthy absence and in ONE season they were already better than the Tiger Cats. This team must be dyslexic or something. What a sickening state of affairs.

I had no problems seeing them out. It's not life or death. They weren't out laughing and joking. The guys I saw were sitting around having some beers, there is nothing wrong with that.

Excellent rant. You bring up some solid points. :thup:

Yeah because beer is an athletic performance enhancer. They owe it to the fans to be in the best shape possible during the season. These guys don’t deserve beer. It’s debatable whether or not they even merit being given water to drink.

Corey Holmes is a number one receiver as a slotback, but I digress.

If he were being used on a more regular basis, things would be far better for the offense, IMHO. As it is, it's cluelessness in the receiving corps that is the major obstacle at the moment.

Wow I'd hate to be your employee if i screwed up.

So you never come home after a bad day at work and grab a beer with some buddies to forget about it. It's pro sports you have to put the game behind you as soon as it's over.

Ya know, I've been accused of being one of the 'cheerleaders' in the fanbase who has rose-coloured glasses duct taped onto my eyes all the time so I have really backed off with my comments this year........however, you Ticatsgrr8 are going above and beyond in your negative comments in my opinion. I respect everyone's right to complain constructively but you never seem to offer solutions at all to some, admittedly, shortcomings on the team.

Here's a few problems I see that could be worked on starting today.

  1. Marwan Hage needs to learn how to snap to the QB in the shotgun position. His consistant bad snaps hurt us terribly and take away the chance for a draw play.

  2. Setta needs to learn how to kick line-drive punts when punting into the wind. If he learns to do that, he could end up being the best punter this franchise has ever seen.

  3. When we pull a QB, we need to get a headset on him immediately to be in communication with the spotters to keep him involved. Do not let him stand there all by himself doing nothing. As long as he's on the team, he should always keep busy helping the team get better.

  4. Jason Farr needs to be replaced ASAP.

  5. Oskee-Wee-Wee cheers should be done by Tiger-Cats Alumni the rest of the season until we find a replacement.

  6. Someone in another thread mentioned trash barrels outside the stadium.......great idea!!

  7. My step-daughter attended her first Tiger-Cats game in her life last night and loved every minute of the experience...(well, she would have liked a win too but thoroughly enjoyed herself)

I'm hanging in people!.....I've been a fan since around 1970 and have seen low times and incredibly high's all part of being a fan!

Go Cats!


Perhaps he is, but we've made no moves towards using him in this way. What good is a player who never plays. His prime value to us is in a trade package for something more conventional then shuttling him between roles, which we also don't do.

At the very least we should be shopping him around. Perhaps we are, I don't know. But I do know that he brings skill as an SB, RB and KR, plus he's signed to a multiyear deal, making him ideal for other teams.

If we're not going to use him effectively, then we need someone we will. Also, I dismiss the "he'll hurt us later" talk. We need to focus on what we need, everyone else is hurting us already.

Lumsden is a better runner and is younger. Right now, we're paying him to return kicks (admittedly a lot of them) and play the occasional running down. This is a waste.

We had good receivers last year at training camp as well but managed to cut the wrong ones only to repeat the same mistake this year. Brock Ralph is a head scratcher. Nate Curry couldn't catch a beach ball and the others are completely invisible.


The rest has been wine and roses compared to that. ROTFLMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,