Say what, is it possible for Don Matthews to make a comeback in some way with the new Ottawa team.
According to this article The Don has been seen in Ottawa and has been helping out Jeff Hunt.
Now wouldn't that be a coup for the new Rough Riders.

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That, I would love to see. The Don deserves a shot to go out on his own terms.

I hope he's healthy enough to pull it off!

The only thing wrong with him in Montreal was a case of Jim Popp.

I don't know Don Matthews very well, but this is a better choice than Forrest Gregg, right? :wink:

Good PR move, adds some cred to the process.

The article says that they don't expect Ottawa t field a team before 2011. I doubt that they would be looking for a coach so far in advance.

That being said I would like to see the Don back in the league

Well IMO if there is anybody out there who could put a competetive team together from scratch it would be Don Mathews.
However he will be 71 in 2010, but he would make a great advisor. Just don't know if he would be up to the every day grind of running a football team now.

Marty York Reports that Tom Higgins will be the new Coach of Ottawa in 2011. Tom will bring along his team of assistants and announce Jake Ireland as Offensive Coordinator Dave Yule as Defensive coordinator and Andre Prouulx as media relations.

I figured they would go with York as Director of Marketing for sure.

VP of Propaganda.

But on May 16 in Ottawa, Matthews will make his first public appearance in 19 months when he attends a luncheon organized by Jeff Hunt, the local entrepreneur who heads up the city's expansion ownership group.
Sold out. :thup:

Got to admit, I really miss not seeing the Don patrol the sidelines, would love to see him back in some capacity in the league.

Maybe the challenge of Ottawa would be enticing!

Nice! But not entirely unexpected that it sold out. Obviously people are revved in Ottawa.

Wasn't Matthews ill? Hopefully he's in good shape. He'd be a great addition to the franchise, even if in a limited capacity.

True enough, but I suspect that if it hadn't, I would have heard about it. :?

His stay in Montreal, and also in Edmonton, ended for "medical reasons". It would be good to have him in Ottawa, where he could give the team instant credibility. That city needs their new team to be competitive almost from the word "go". But in 2010 he'll be two years older, and that much less able to handle the physical stress of the position.

I hope he takes the job and is successful; but I'm not very optimistic.

He doesn’t have to be an on field coach. They could give him a relatively low stress advisory position in the front office. He could help build the team and choose the new staff.

Any front office job that involved dealing with the City of Ottawa would hardly qualify as 'low stress'. More like 'gouge-my-eyes-out frustrating'.