Is It Necessary?

I'm trying to be a tolerant, gentler fan and not be so "in your face" when it comes to other team's fans.

But I'm having a hard time biting my tongue.....

In the Rider's forum, we're being referred to as uneducated and uninitiated:

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This coming from a man who used the wrong "their" in trying to make his point.

I really don't want to engage in this petty crap anymore and, initially, wasn't going to bother. But in watching the hype to the game on a sports channel, it was brought to my attention that Rider fans pelt the Lion's bench with items during the game. For fans who pride themselves on being "the best", blah, blah, blah, I'm ashamed for the league that they'd do that.

Now here's my point in all of this....for a team whose fans whine about announcers revving up stadium ands constantly call us out on our behavior, the pot should quit calling the kettles black. Last year our team was "dirty" and our coach was crap, etc....this year, it's the announcers and uneducated fans they're so eloquently calling out. But let's just take a minute to focus on the educated Riders' fans and why they think it's appropriate to throw items at a visiting team?! It's not. Case closed. And neither is calling another group of fans uneducated, etc. Tired of this stuff and I know this does nothing to stop it. But it needed to be said.

Then maybe stay out of other teams forums....If you need a fix, try your own teams site and quite trolling. Nuff said.

A couple of quick things....

First of all, there's a reason that all forums are accessible...there's nothing wrong with "visiting" other team's forums and I do that on a regular basis. 99% of the time, I just read. I happened to stumble across some pretty offensive, inflammatory remarks on this particular visit and feel I had every right to address them. Just because fans are in the "safety" of their own forum, doesn't mean they can use that space to defame and slander other fans.

And, ftr, there was a fan "visiting" our forum during that period with no other purpose than to create problems. That's when my involvement escalated.

I don't want to start a war here, but there needs to be fair and equal treatment for all. And to hear that Lions' fans were being called "uneducated" and "idiots" was inappropriate. If a mod had intervened, I wouldn't have, but that didn't happen.

Sorry, don't know how to edit or I would've simply added this to the previous post.

But aren't you kind of a hypocrite? Didn't you just wander into MY home forum to call me out? Hmmm, there's that double standard (again). Practice what you preach much?

We Lions fans have learned a lot this week Debra. Here's what I learnt ..

  1. Many Sask fans think they were justified in what happened last week, even though no proof has been provided to show Lions players doing anything wrong. Maybe the beer throwers were just being poor sports because they didn't get their face mask call?
  2. Many moderators have strong biases against the Lions and in favour of the Riders (this will probably be deleted, despite it being my opinion and despite the fact that far worse posts which were rude to Lions fans were not deleted this week). Some moderators are definitely power tripping.

As disgusted as I've been about number 2, its number 1 that I find most disturbing. At least many other Rider fans came here and apologized for their fans behaviour and recognized it was their fault. I guess we need to move on as there's not much we can do about either. Its that or just quit coming here altogether, but Lions fans ain't quitters!

Im a rider fan I love watching all CFL teams play, very impressed with your Dline, Ithink they should have cleared out the whole section behind the bench good and bad to make point that this never happens again. All in all no tv camera or tsn media person caught Marsh pegging the ball he just recoverd on the opposite side of the field at the crowed of drunk IDIOTS behind his teams bench. I once again apolagize for our stupid drunk fans who felt they needed to throw back full $8.00 beer cans for the gift of a CFL league football.

thanks Prider. We all know most Rider fans are outstanding and are embarrassed over what happened. Every team has had their "incident" over the years, Lions included.


Fair and intelligent moderators can make CFL forum a better place. Perhaps, you like to volunteer? Previous game was too disturbing for Saskatchewan fans. Death of Lancaster plus unbearable losses caused some to go berserk and resort to violence. Emotions can change saints into monsters.