is it necessary to Drink at a football game?

I see fans who come to the game, and it seems like they're having more fun drinking and getting drunk than they are watching the game!

my question is, What's the point of being there?? to drink or to watch Football!!?

I think they need to totally revamp the rules when it comes to alcohol at games.

either they A: stop sales at half time

or they B: sell only 1 beer per person at a time, NO exceptions!

I love to drink at football games.
Having said that, I have gone to many where I dont drink.
When i do drink at football games, I can assure you that i am able to do both, watch the game and drink the beers. Believe it or not i am not a beligerant @$$hole at the games either.
I am 25 and totally sit in the wild university section (southeast corner section 27ish) at Taylor Field.
I dont mind the chaos but I have noticed some fans that DO mind the chaos.
To answer your question . . .

Yes it is necessary to have drinking at a Football game,
And no You cannot tell me i cant buy beer at halftime

Why not do both!

Yes and lots if you have the seat next to Larrysmiles! Kidding Larry :lol: :lol: Maybe Labor day there buddy! You can put your eskie jammies on and I will wear a Stamps jersey!

Predicted reply:
Look you ignorant, moronic idiot the Stumps have not one a playoff game since 2001. While my Eskimos well they had 34 years in the playoffs!

Thanks Larry!

grow up - If public alcohol consumption bothers you that much, .. stay at home, or buy a ticket in the family zone where alcohol is not permitted. (with all the families, young children, and other edit)


Beer is good.

I really think that most people are there to enjoy the game and a few brews at the game. Most fans know when to quit, but your comment of allowing only 1 beer per person opens a whole new can of worms- the people that sell beer during games.
One Labour Day at Taylor Field, I was allowed to carry two drinks at a time-- only to find some having 5 to 6 cups of beers piled on top of one another, then carrying them back to the stands. If you are going to set limits as to how many you can carry, they need to be strictly enforced to ALL who buy alcohol at games. It is not always the case, but I did complain about that, and nothing was done. Its quite frustrating, as there seemed to be one set of rules for most and a different set for others. I did sell some alcohol at games myself, and I enforced the rule of two drinks at a time-wether the fan I was selling to liked it or not.

Why not change the title of this thread to......Why Do We Allow Drunk Obnoxious People At Football Games.......because if we didn't then there would be nobody there.

Well there is abuse at the game there is no doubt about it. The problem is not with the majority but a token few who go there to get totally drunk. So why in the world would you punish everyone for the sake of a few. Simply have them removed from the stadium. You remove beer sales and then the hard stuff is brought in under cover. Then you do have a problem. Years ago when I was a kid we use to sneak drinks into basketball games. We would use a syringe and inject vodka into Japanese oranges. The problem is you would never remember the game and some how you found home. But really there is no harm as long as the drunks are controlled.

I like the way you think. Alcohol has been sold at sports events as long as I can remember and to limit that takes away from the atmosphere of the place. Beer is the chosen drink of a key demographic the 18-28 year old male and they will pay just about any price for it. At $8 per cup it is in their best ineterest tosell as much as possible since beer is dirt cheap and each cup results in a huge profit margin

Ah yes profits! Nice one Mada you are a businessman for sure. The steep price for the product is to stop the abuse. Mind you if you are a businessman you could easily cover the costs of getting blitzed at the game. Never mind good post Mada.

What's this? A Saskatchewan fan complaining about drinking at a game? Isn't that like sacralige or something??

In all seroius though, a few beers at a football game go together like a feer beers while fishing, golfing, playing pool or darts, BBQing, playing poker, ..... Wow, I drink alot of beer!

And it shows Blue!

it seems to me that the ones who are saying yes are the ones who are really young and think they need beer all the time, or need beer in order to have fun!

figures. YET the older ones, the ones with families that go to games... they wouldn't mind if there were HARDER restrictions on the sale of Alcohol at games.

btw. I didn't mean 1 drink at a game total.

I meant you can't leave the beer stand with more than 1 drink at a time!

There's a two beer per person limit at most places I've been to. Not sure what it's like everywhere though. Two seems to make sense to me as it means you can get a beer for a friend or whoever.

Charge a lot for the beer. Like eight or ten dollars. That's as big a deterrent to excess as anything but doesn't limit people who just want a beer or two.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a few drinks at a game, and trying to stop those who drink to excess by punishing everyone is simply prejudicial and unjust.

Beer = $$

simple as that. People are paying 5, 6, 7$ per beer and putting singificant $$ towards the team.

There are sections that are Booze free and that is all that needs to happen.
If more people want to sit in a zone that is Booze free with alot of stadiums(like McMahon, Canad Inns, Taylor Field, Commonwealth + Frank Clair should Ottawa return) Teams could make it so 1 full upper deck area(so 3-4K seats) are completely roomed from the booze area, that means no beer being sold at all in that upper concorse area.

Now people will say: "oh that's a good idea, why doesn't that happen now?" simple there isn't sufficient demand for it, if people would write to the team, I know the bombers and likely other teams have fan forum days. so if there was 2-3K people(atleast 50% of that stadium upper deck on 1 side) saying they would buy season tickets in a section like that, the team would go right ahead and make it happen providing that they then received a significant amount of ticket sales from it.

BUT THEY DON"T! so deal.

is it necessary to always have at least one dumb thread going?

Seriously tho.

For A: Beer equals $$$. They more money off of beer than you think. Why cut it off early. People will bring it in on their own, more than they already do.
For B: What about people who may have some handicap that makes it hard for them to get around? In section 2, where I am, there is a row for people in wheelchairs. You honestly think that somebody shouldnt get it for them when they are getting themselves some? Thats not cool.

Whoa whoa whoa. . .
Who are the “really young” ones, you speak of?

I said earlier in this thread that i was 25.

Am i the “really young” one?

I certainly hope you aren’t assuming I need beer to have fun or that I drink all the time.

I have been to many games without comsuming alcohal.

Your problem isn’t people drinking beers, it is people getting punk in drublic, oops I mean drunk in public.

Avoid comments like your last post . . . for your sake, not mine. (it makes you look ignorant)

I think the 2 Beer limit is the amount the person can carry at a time,

the Argodome limits to 2 also, but nothing stops me from walking 100 Meters to the next beer stand and ordering more when i am finished with the first 2.
I wasn't stopped either when i went to the same stand for number 3 or 4 either. :smiley:

$10 for 20ounce beer really hits the wallet though

but why do you need 4?? are you there to watch a game? or get sloshed and not be able to even have a clue what's happening?

and in Edmonton.. they do bag searches for glass and alcohol, and if anyone is seen with a container other than their plastic cups they are thrown out.