Is it me or AC is simply a genius...

I mean…the guy is nearly 40…he has the most TD this year, the most passing yards, the least interception, the highest QB rating, the highest % of completed passes in the league (70%) …Is he going to be like that till 45???

And by the way who’s gonna stop this Al’s offence this year…Cahoon, SJ Green, Jamal Richardson, Watkins, Cobourne…Calvillo…

And their defence…they allowed only 3 TD in their last 3 games (one in each game). How in the world can you expect to win with 1 TD against them.

Al’s by at least 15 Friday…

...mail the Als the Cup, there is clearly nothing any of the other teams can do anymore....season's over...

Als have their weaknesses too!

they'll lose a few more games. I can bet 1 to Calgary! they'll have off weeks as well.

Calvillo doesn't play defense!

The Alouettes are still the cream of the crop. That is a team with a great GM, coach and quarterback. They're beatable, but certainly look like the best team right now. Watching AC is quite something, the way he schooled Toronto last week was like if there was no defence.

I'm under the impression that Burris has more TD passes than Calvillo...

Only if you believe in statistics.

...seriously jm02, how can you argue with breeze67?...and doing so by using 'facts', sheesh...

…A.C. is a very intelligent fellow…NOT ONLY because he studies the game frontwards and backwards but because he decided to look into a problem he had with his diet in 09…He apparently found out he was alergic to certain foods and sugar was a big problem for him…Since he changed his eating habits his game has only gone-up…Genius…maybe not…certainly a highly intelligent quarterback and the way he’s going, he looks good for a few more years at his position…damn… :lol: :wink:

Canadian football is a pretty rare game.. and AC is a rare example of a QB having essentially mastered the game.

There are 8 pro teams playing this variant of football and the 3 down variant is only consistently prevalent nationwide at the CIS level and up. You can chalk up 20 development programs and 8 pro clubs. That's pretty much it. Even at that, the best raw talent comes from football factories in the states playing the very different American variety of the game...

It takes time (years) to learn the nuances of this game, especially at QB.

How many QBs has BC, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto and Hamilton gone through in the last 10 years?

Its one tall task to truly be a student of the QB position in Canadian football and excel at it for so long.

The Canadian game is pure muscle memory for AC and many of his receivers. He's had so much time to sharpen his tools and has luckily avoided serious injury over his decade in Montreal.

When did Calvillo take over from Tracy Ham? 2000? Calvillo himself laboured for 6 seasons with Las Vegas, Hamilton and as a backup in Montreal before he was signal calling in a Grey Cup game.

See the following which pretty much sums up Calvillo's time in Vegas and Hamilton:
(Also for those who think the Argos are worse off today than in the 90s.. take note of the Toronto crowd in 1994)

What's more, he's now done it with success for 10 years and been to 7 Grey Cups. I mean yeah, Marcus Crandel won a Grey Cup with an 8-10 team but where was he a few short years later?

I second this. "Damn," indeed.