Is it legal to use the goalpost as a pick?

Just reading this article where a Div. 3 team in the US is going to Winnipeg to play a team of university players it seems. The coach in the States says he wants to use the goal post as a pick. I assume this is legal but just wondering if this is true?

I know of no rule against it. Intentionally or not, it happens on plays a couple times a year in the CFL.

I can attribute at least 5 of my highschool football receiving touchdowns as a result of using the post as a pick.

Great idea. Every one knows the posts are there!

I don't see why not, they're part of the field after all. But it's also something the QB has to avoid throwing into...

LOL - you too?

As a tailback I didn't catch too many passes for touchdowns but I got 2 doing the same thing.

Do you think any coaches design plays to use the gp as a pick? Part of the design of the play sort of thing. In my 5 years of high school football I don't remember any plays like this, I played wide receiver but we didn't throw the ball much, mainly ran.

Earl - I haven't heard of a coach who has. But maybe as a gimmick type of thing???? Not sure. Will have to dig a little, talk to some other coaches and see what they think.
In highschool we were mainly a running offense as well. I had the jets (moderate size) and my fullback was built like a mack truck. Our QB was 5' nothing.... but he had an arm. We were short of quality WRs.

The Can-Am bowl! It's the div III US team against the MMFL (MB Major Football League) all-star team. For those who don't know, the MMFL is pretty much on par with Junior football in terms of talent (the allstar team, not every regular team) but in terms of organization, it's more on a community club level .

First paragrah of the article says that they will do NCAA rules one half and the second will be played “under rules similar to Canadian Football”? What’s this similar stuff? it’s Canadian rules or it isn’t no?

If you're a defensive player and you run into the uprights tough luck S**t happens

Anyone know if this game will be televised anywhere?

So...does anyone know the final score since i can't seem to find it on the web or even in a Winnipeg paper?

The ST.Thomas Tommies the div 3 team , crushed the Manitoba all stars, the first half that was played under NFL rules , it was something like 50 to 7. They reset the score for the 2nd half, which was played under cfl rules , was almost as bad, 40 something to 7. They played the game using the whole cfl field.
One of the players said he couldn't believe the speed,especially the running backs.

The MB team was clearly over-matched in this game. It was like night and day. I would say the St. Thomas team would compare more with the Rifles, or even the Bisons.

Chalk it up to it being a "learning experience" I guess. Oh well.

So...being american and not having seen the game, what are the honest opinions of the team that Manitoba put together? I mean are these CIS talents or not? Was it truly an equal game?

The team was not much. Their QB was actually formerly a 4th stringer with the U of M. If the best you can be is 4th string on any university team, you will not likely be much of a threat to a Division III team.

Thanks for the response which leads me to my next question. Knowing that a div III team was heading north why didn't the CIS put together a team or at least have one of the school's themselves play the Tommies? I want Canada to be properly represented don't you?

I agree, the Bisons should be the team that was playing. Probably still get beat, but wouldn't have been a total embarrassment.