Is it just me...

...but does anyone else out there think that Flick's number is not being called on far too many occaisions? I mean it seems to me that Peterson gets a lot of balls thrown his way (no joke intended there :lol: ) and Yeast and even Ralph to some extent, but Flick seems to get called maybe 3 times a game? Am I wrong? You can't tell me that he's too well covered all the time to catch the ball, can you? You think Maas doesn't like him, or what?

personally i feel poa poa's underneath east west passing style doesn't favour flick's deep speed.
dj needs to get the ball and joe needs to now flick was our mvp last year

I also think Flick should be used more. He's a great weapon for us!.....

Since we're being blitzed so much due to a perception that our O-Line is weak, audibles should be called by the QB and a nice roll-out by the QB, away from the blitz, should find Flick wide open most times.....I don't know why we aren't changing the play at the line of scrimmage after a blitz is recognized...istead, we stick with the 5 yard dump pass when it's 2nd and 12 let's say....

A few 25 yard strikes to Flick streaking across the open middle will sure stop the blitz mighty quick.

I don't know why Maas doesn't seem to look in DJ's direction but it is very apparent. Then again Maas throws a very flat pass that is not conducive for the long game. Deep paterns call for the ball to be layed up so the receivers can run under the ball and with time to adjust when need be. Until that is recognized there won't be the Danny Mac type long game.

no matter what it takes we MUST get a running game going. this would be the remedy to get the play action pass working and then mass can get the time to spread ut his offnce and get dj more involved.

college coach…college mindset!! college coaches don’t give their qb’s the greenlight to audible…marshall doesn’t give maas this option…marshall is a college coach and shouldn’t coaching pro players…they should have started him as a guest coach and have him work his way up the ladder…get rid of marshall and maas will be able to do his thing!! penny wise, pound foolish!!

footballfan138, I assume you have some sort of document to back up a claim of what Marshall allows his QBs to call... also, wouldn't that be the offensive coordinator?

Most professional football coaches start with College ball.

I'd like to know why Kwame Cavil is not being used at all? They should use him, Vaughn & Flick in rotations, to get us out of this mess.

college coaches don't give their qb's the greenlight to audible...marshall doesn't give maas this option

Who told you this?..

If a starting QB in the CFL isn’t allowed by a coach to change a play at the line of scrimmage when he sees a blitz coming…well…you might as well mail in the two points.

What you suggest doesn’t make any sense…even to me. :roll:

(and besides the point, Coach Marshall isn’t making those calls anyhow…we have an O-Co-ordinator to do that)

In 2003 Flick lead Ottawa with 60 receptions for 917 yards and seven touchdowns under Paopao’s system.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Pinball should be fired for losing to Winnepeg ?(sarcasim icon)

Is it just me or ....DJ doesn't seem to get open,is he runniong good routes that are called for him by varying patterns called ,

He doesn't seem to come up with every closely thrown ball ,like last game he could have caught that long one down the sidelines.

He seems to play alot better at home.

He doesnt have the height to out jump every DB in the league, Danny would LEAD DJ who would beat his man and catch it in stride...

This year it seems Maas is throwing it up expecting DJ "gp up for it" which isnt his style. Theres a big difference in the type of ball thrown and the size of the receiver.

You got it Crash!! The quarterback has got to put some air under the ball when he's going deep to allow the receivers to run under the ball and not throw darts and expect them to come out of a cut and have time to see the ball as was evident in the sideline pass that was mentioned here earlier.

We lack height and speed in our WRs and DBs, wait till we play Ed,BC and others.

How many Receivers in the CFL are NOT tall? And some of those undersize people went over 1,000 last year and the year before so that theory is horsecrap. As to speed, I'd put our Receivers up against any teams Receivers in that department. So the second part of your statement is horsecrap also.

Steve, we all know that guys on Hamilton who wear #82 and aren't too tall can't catch worth a darn.....

heck, look at this Darren Flutie guy.... :wink:

Your horsecrap.

He’s been showing a tendency to under throw his receivers.

Many times the receiver’s got a step on the defender and then has to stop to wait for the under thrown ball. And that gives the defender the chance to make a play on it.

I wonder how much of that is Maas, and how much is the O-line making him rush the pass.

Has Maas' shoulder fully recovered from his surgery? I too have noticed his penchant for under throwing long. Kind of reminds me of Khari last year, though not to the same extent. Jones had no arm strength and couldn't throw deep at all. That's why he's holding a microphone this year instead of a football. Hope I'm wrong about Jason, for everyone's sake. (His short passes seem to have a lot of zing to them).