Is it just me?

Is it just me, or are single game ticket prices getting just a bit crazy? $45 to sit in sections like 9 and 23? And other $10 to move over towards the middle of the field? And then another price gauge to go see labour day games? I think just about every year since Bob has taken over, ticket prices have gone up, but they seem to be going up well above inflation, and it's having a compounding effect. The "good seats" in particular have prices that just seem beyond the place of the Tiger-Cats/CFL. A team that has been horrible for 5 years now and a recession aren't making these prices any easier to swallow.

I'll still go to the games mind you whenever I can, I'm die hard and they've got me 100%, but I'll probably just not be able to spend money on concessions instead, limited budget and all. But I think they should try to find a way to get more revenue out of things other than single game ticket sales. Concessions, merchandise, sponsorship, and perhaps lowering the gap in prices between season vs. single game, etc.

No it's just not just you. Single game tickets are kind of obscene this year. A lot of people, me included, are gonna find it tough to go to more than a few games.

I can understand why some folks think that it's getting out of control.....I checked a few of the other teams websites and most of the other teams are cosiderable below Hamilton, TO's and the Als prices.

I just picked up two tickets for the Tickets and Als and IWS and to sit low in Section H, I paid about 70$ apeice for them...for similar tix in Montreal it costs about 81.$.

I can almost understand why it's expensive seating (20,000), BIG demand (3000+ waiting list), but these prices are ridiculous in Markets like southern Ontario, where there are ample seats and hardly any sellouts. AT Ar...s games you can pick up crappy tickets for 10$ and sit pretty well where you please.

Maybe Bob is trying to make up for the years that he padded the gate by giving away free tickets.

Look at the Argos ticket pricing:


Honestly, the only good seats in the Rogers centre are the 79 seats.

If you are so outraged, buy season tickets and save a bundle.

Tickets are getting expensive but unfortunately, these are the times we are living in. You are complaining about the cost of a CFL ticket, just wait to see if we get the NHL, then you can talk about it being outrageous.

I personally think that you get your money's worth in the CFL. Normally the games are exciting, the weather is generally nice and you feel like you have got your money's worth at the end of the game.

The average person can only afford to go to one or two games a year. I perfectly understand that. If you can commit and have the extra funds, season tickets are the way to go. This will be my 4th year with seasons and I don't regret one second of it.

Ticket Prices are Up for Single game but if but Flex or Seasons you can save money

ya, i just bought flex because i know i can't attend every single game this year. It's conveniant and cheap for those who can't make every game.

Nowadays seasons are the way to go. I paid 200.00 for 2 in the family section. Got a discount beause the parents are season holders plus the playoff guaratee. Saved a bundle. I paid 45.00 for seats in section 8 last year which was more than I used to pay in the past.

That's sounding ridiculous for prices. I've been checking out on the email I received as an Insider and to be honest, they need to bring them down.

I'm planning on going to the July 31 game agains BC and am flying in from SOUTH KOREA. I happen to be in Hamilton for a few days when the Tabbies are playing a home game and want to take in my first game in years. This just means I have to bring even more money, but I'll be there for sure as it's likely the last time I'll see em live for I don't know how long.

I hope for the sake of those who're able to attend more games than me, that Mr. Young and whoever is in charge of ticket prices, will get their heads out of the sand and lower prices to a more acceptable level!

Its not just Hamilton, Edmonton has been raising prices the last few years as well. In 2004, sitting in the best seats for the playoff game at Commonwealth cost just 48 a pop. since then its gone up to 68 as of this year, 75 now for the newly designated 'premium' games vs. Sask and the Stamps. Still relatively inexpensive to sit in most of the upper deck seats ($32-35), but that has disadvantages all their own. Sitting between the endzones and the 35 (silver sections) where I am is $42-45 per game this year (up from 38 last year). For both Hamilton and Edmonton, Its most probably to push people to buy flex packs (called 'Name your Game' here) and esp. season tickets. With my seasons', assuming we'd host a playoff game this year, my cost per game for 10 games is only about 27 a game.

Still though, I do agree that Ticat fans shouldn't be paying as much as you are for single-game seats, not when you're sitting on benches as opposed to your own chair in a newer stadium. I sat on the hard plastic benches (Commonwealth has some of those still) for a number of years in the 'Family Huddle' Section, and my memories of them as a kid were not ones of being comfortable.