Is it just me

Ever since we lost Pinball and Doug Flutie from playing, I have found it harder to enjoy CFL as much. I feel like over the 35yrs I was a CFL FanaticAddict, from 66 to 01+, I have seen all the best.

Dont believe we will ever see the likes of Flutie, or Moon again. Lucky to see another Dunigan.

Don't beleive we will ever see the likes of Pinball again, or Fernandez, or Gizmo.

So many others. How can anybody measure up, let alone surpass all the greats I have seen, on both sides of the ball. Will there ever be another Lui in BC?

Every yr, I find it harder to really get behind this player or that. sigh

For last 5+ yrs I have been fighting growing apathy as the last of my favorites, like Adrian Smith, disappear one by one. Oh woe is me, what am I to do, sob.

No matter what promising player shows up, I keep looking for the next winfield, pinball, dunigan, francis, quick parker, etc.

Either the talent pool is so much better now that its harder for any one player to shine so well, or, I really have already seen the best I am ever going to see.

People today might get at the top of the stats for various reasons, but I dont think it will mean they wereare better.

Corey Holmes my favorite player now, but I would rather have pinball, or craig ellis even.

...try watching Stegall more, or Ray, or Roberts, or DeAngelis.....your memory is clouded by selective fondness thats all...there are great players around still....

I wish Corey was still a Rider..

Those were all great players for sure FYB, but I think red&white is right, didn't you see the splash Wake made in his rookie debute, how could you not be excited about that ?

You are right, selective memory does account for it a bit, however

I really like roberts, but he is no pinball.

I like stegall, but he is no fernandez.

DeAngelis is no lui, or Ozzy for that matter. I prefer Noel though.

Ray ok, but I prefer Joseph when he is on. However, I dont think anyone in the league compares to the best ever. I wouldnt even put Allen on my list of all time top 10.

I do recognize that there are many really good players today, its just that for me, they dont quite standout as well. Stegal will be remembered for his stats just like allen, but just like allen, how many yrsgames did it take. I still would take fernandez anyday. Winfield and a few others even.

But great for the younger generations to have the likes of Stegall and Roberts, just wish I could forget what I am missing.

Naah, I would never want to forget those guys.

I remember wake looking promising, but after watching all 4 games, I cant even remember what team he is on, sigh :oops: :oops:

and while I am on it, will the NFL ever see another bo jackson or barry sanders? Maybe, but I doubt I be around then, sigh

damn but I miss those guys.

Dude, as the game changes, so do the players.

What I wouldnt give for one to two hr highlight reels of these guys best plays. Cant beleive neither league seems to be doing such a thing. Am I the only one that would pay a fair bit of loot for my fav players??

and the beat goes on
and the beat goes on...

Stegall isn't great?
he is on the verge of breaking the all-time TD record AND all-time Receiving yardage record.

Charlie Roberts is about the Break the Bombers all-time Rushing Record.

The game has surely changed over the years, but possibly 150 TD's over 13 years is a huge accomplishment. Stegall does tend to catch 10-15 TD's a year and he needs 14 TD's this season(13 more) to get to 150 TD's, as he is currently tied for first(with Pringle and Reed) he is set to smash the record.

Other strong players currently in the league:
Brent Johnson - 33 Sacks in two seasons(05-06)
Ricky Ray - 10.5K yards passing(05-06)

The issue is when looking back the memories of how certain players played gets thought to be "god-like"
The CFL currently has top players for all positions except really a top top explosive Returner.

The most talented returner in the CFL right now, is probably Charlie Roberts but the problem is that he is too valuable in the bomber offence to be their returner.

The CFL will have great players again, but say in the Case of Matt Dunigan, he wasn't that good until his 7th year(say 1990), if that's true for Ray.. wow, and Glenn is just now entering that time. Two very young starting QB's just getting to their prime.
Also if Dunigans best year was under 5K yards passing(according to Wiki, can someone Verify?) that would say if Yards are the measuring stick Ray is way ahead of him. 5.5K Yards passing + a GC win, right when he turned 26(in October). That is pretty dang impressive.

The one problem right now is that Toronto and Montreal are getting close to a "re-tooling mode" as their teams are up there in age. and for some reason even though the Prairies are how the CFL lives, if TO and MTL are bad then stop the league for them.

There's a pretty good QB out west, goes by the name of Dave... something.

What you're describing is just what happens when people get older. You look back and only see fond memories, which time makes even fonder.

What I find unusual in FYB's case though is that people usually think that way about the players that caused their interest in the sport. If FYB started watching it in '66, I would have expected a post about football was better in that "era".

Not to make you sound old or anything, FYB... :wink:

Stars come and go in every league, Gretzky to Lemieux to Crosby... CFL, MLB, NFL etc. no different. Flutie now we have Dickenson at Calvillo, Ray, Burris at qb. Well, I could go on and on...


did FYB say that he prefers KERRY JOSEPH over RICKY RAY lololololololol......thats why lions fans have no clue what football is, or hes old and senile. meh one of the two

Does that mean that my memories of my ex-wives will get fonder? Hasn't happened so far.........

MadJack, your my new hero lolol

I didnt say Joseph was better than Ray, I just like his style better. He is more exciting to watch, when he is on his game. IMO.

and even if I be totally out to lunch, how smart is it to paint all lions fans with the same brush?

It isn't so much an issue of getting old as it is that the more football you watch, the more great players you see. It's easy to look back at Warren Moon and Pinball Clements and Angelo Mosca, for example, and lament that players aren't as good as they used to be. But think about it: those players never played with or against each other, either.

This "generation" probably has as many stars as previous ones, give or take. But we old guys who remember the stars of several "generations" have to keep in mind that it's unreasonable to expect as many great football players today as we have seen over the past thirty years.

Just appreciate what you have these days in Geroy Simon, Dave Dickenson, Brent Johnson, and most of the BC Lions.

Add in Roberts, Stegall, Calvillo, Byron Parker, Reynolds, and a whole lot more new age exciting players.

The CFL right now I think is at an all-time high.