is it just me?

is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that fans at CFL games spend more time watching the giant video screens than the live action?

is it just me or am i the only one who gets tired of listening to the play-by-play announcers at CFL games who editorialize and behave like cheerleaders? i certainly think its unprofessional.

but it could be just me...



You're not alone.

I used to go to every game but now I pick my games carefully. Why? The constant din of commercials over the Jumbotron and the the PA ruins the whole outdoor gameday experience. You can't talk with your buddies over the noise. Crowd noise I like. I just don't need to hear or see commercials at the game. Jumbotrons should show instant replays only! No commercials, no promotions! Unfortunately, a TV set is like a ringing telephone... people don't just ignore it.

Here's a thought - if the league prefers us to be watching TV instead of the field then they should just do away with games at stadiums entirely. Every team could be on pay-per-view, playing out of a big studio in Toronto.

when the las vegas thunder IHL team played here i went to a couple of games and i couldnt believe how loud the music was, being unable to even talk to the guy next to me. all my buddies are hockey nuts and they would either rarely go or never, the experience was so bad. made me long for the days when i went to long island duck games as a kid and didnt have to put up with clowns shooting t-shirts in the stands, mascots, and the music. between periods meant perhaps watching a guy make a fool of himself in a ‘shoot the puck contest’ or go get a hot dog or just watch the zamboni and talk hockey. those days are loooong gone!


It's IS loud at minor league games and NHL games.

Is that you? :shock:

Preid40, what a great idea for us Sask Summer cottagers and Winter hibernaters. Just kidding, but we do have a brand new jumbotron that we call a maxtron. I really liked it at the first home game, so I hope it doesn't degenerate into what you guys are talking about. I hope some team marketing guys and gals look at this thread!

Which on is Elmer?

Wait a season or two, and between plays you will see commercials back-to-back with what's goingon on the field.

Don't worry too much about it, as it will give the Riders and Taylor field extra income.