Is it just me or.......

Is anyone else getting tired of the Cats releasing or trading players.

Come training camp we had the talent to win the Grey Cup this season and yes don't get me wrong players taking dumb penalties needs to be addressed but I don't think removing players from the equation is the way to solve it.

I think the coaching situation needs to be addressed way more then removing players.
Just my opinion though let's hear yours

Have fun with this but play nice too

I agree with you,the players are being blamed for bad coaching.

It's called cutting out the dead wood, getting rid of malingerers and malcontents and underperformers. Its what organizations that are serious about winning do.

Name one player who was cut and still performed well enough and deserved to be here.
Name one.

who did we get rid of? Craig Yeast and Kwame Cavil, two recievers that were good at times but did not show enough, yes cavil didn't get that much of a shot but why? it was because we have an abundance of great recievers already and there was no need for them, also freeing up space for Hill and people who want to play here and are not headcases in the dressing rooms...I am all for the trades and releases if players are a problem or if it makes room for other/better players...

As far as your statement about malingerers and malcontents and underperformers doesn't that apply to coaches? Two games now against the Argo's I was at both and we were in a position to win both coming out of the Half and the result was we lost the game why did we lose? Plain and Simple Argo's adjusted to our defense and we didn't adjust to their defense. No adjustments being made is a coaching decision. I thought Paopao was going to be good as on OC but I have been disappointed by him this year.

I agree about Cavil and Yeast. Yeast was playing well making some big catches. Cavil never really got a chance to play. Yes we are deep in receivers but still that is a good problem to have as it makes you a big threat.

Why was Yeast cut right after the Peg game at home?

Why was he even on the team to start with?
Because he was a selfish underperformer. they shopped him around for weeks, nobody wanted him.
Bombers are desperate for RECs and they arent even interested.

Paopao, Reed etc. are now moot points.
When the new HC comes in the off season the whole coaching staff will be swept away so it is pointless to have them fired now and replaced, we are stuck with them.

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There is the stats from that game. Yeast 1 catch 9 yards on that catch. That was a poor game by the Cats but the whole team was bad on that night so you could single out any guy from the team that night however players take direction from the coaching staff so everyone was to blame for that loss. My whole point with this topic is that perhaps Lancaster or Paopao or Reed or Coach K or Kavis Reed or Erdman need to be shown the door. Some of the coaches are really nice so I hope they don't get shown the door but something needs to be done a little higher than the player level and the coaching level needs further tweaking.

By training camp next year you wont "recognize" the coaching staff, most of the front office and at least half the players.

actually I have a feeling that most of the players WILL be back next year, we will just have a new look front office and coaching staff that will hopefully know how to use these players, only difference in players that I see next year will be some changes to the o-line, players comming and going, and maybe some defensive secondary changes, other than that I expect most of the players to be back

i agree, the cats are releasing the wrong players....boreham can suck a million times and stays, yet cavil gets no chance to shine and gets traded????....


I don’t think it was because people S*ck or not, it was because clearly he wasn’t getting any time playing because we have a lot of good recievers, and one possibly comming back from the NFL, so why keep paying a good quality player to sit on the bench, when you can get something back for him and expect a reciever to come back and replace him