Is it just me or......

Did it sound like Rod Black wants to have Anthony Calvillo's baby?

I felt like I was going to puke if I heard more about how great the Als are - Rod and Leif sounded like the Als were destined to win and the 'Cats were just playing out their part.

Yes, the Als did win but I felt like I was listening to Bob Cole do a Leaf game.

Agreed on both accounts!

True - but hey guys, Calvillo, what a qb when it comes down to it.

Yeah...reminded me of Leaf games when Pittsburgh was in town. If I had a penny for every time they mentioned Lemieux I'd be a rich man!

There's HOW many players on the field!?!

They always seem discusted every time they do a Hamiliton game, even last week they kept commenting on how bad the game was, acting like they were being tortured by watching it, same thing with some of our games last year.

My favourite lines of the night

  1. Leif (about 50 times) "The Als have scored 13 out of 14 times when they have the ball inside the 30 yd line"

  2. Rod "That call just got the Ticats out of a big hole" When Hamilton had the ball on their 37 yd line, ran a play to get 6 yards on first down and Mtl got a 15 yard penalty. 2nd and 4 on your 43 yard line is not "a big hole"

I thought you Knew…Everybody hates Hamilton. :lol:

I believe they were refering to league schedulers having the Cats on the road. :twisted:

I also like the story about Myers liking the girls in Montreal, as there is none in Southern Ontario. :frowning:

Isn't this just the norm for you guys, since it's Hamilton vs the World?

Just call the team the "loveable losers of the East" (or, the Hamilton Roughriders)

"It's 38-38 Montreal" that one made me laugh so many times.

No, there are no nice girls in Pigtown or as the people that are stuck living there say, the center of the universe !!!!!!!!!