Is it just me or......

Is Eric Tillman turning this year's Riders into the same Ottawa team he built last time. Every time I read about a Rider signing, it is "formerly of the Ottawa Renegades when Eric Tillman was the GM and Kent Austin the QB coach." Then to top it all off, we are getting rid of, or losing, all the good defensive players. I am sure we will soon have them replaced with ex-Renegades. I remember how well this turned out the last time. Maybe he is just trying to prove that he did it right the last time, they just needed more time. I guess we will see.

Go Riders!!

Yes it looks that way and if I were a Rider fan I would be a bit concerned. But you have to see what he does in the first couple of years. After all you guys gae the shiv 5 years that lasted 7 years

very concerned, but hoping that he knows what he is doing

Well Considering the Riders Spend 700K above this years Cap how is he supposed To give players Raises when he needs to cut down?

He Cut 2 guys(Davis, Greene)
Add in 125K$ cut to Joseph
Add in 140K from Greene and Say 140K from Davis that's:
405K, so the Riders are almost at the Cap.

Now the Riders have Signed Abou(110-120K) and Parenteau(80K probably)

so now their back to 205K
Remove Omar and Bush(200K-220K)
back to 405K

So looks like he likely needs to cut more Fat from the team(a high Priced OL if Riders have one)
Some other Riders hit the open market but their not high priced.

Dominguez could be cut/restructured, Childress is gone.
and basicly at Camp several big money guys will be cut and sign somewhere else for Cheaper From all teams except the bombers and maybe the Argos(as they made some big cuts)

There is a cap and the Riders didn't respect it last year, what's the big issue anyways you were what 9-9 last year?
if the best you can get is 9-9 going 700K over the cap that's pretty sad, you can't even blame QB depth or having a young team or new coaches.
Come on, atleast the Riders should make Money this year spending 700K less.

well maybe thats why they let Shivers/Barrett go :expressionless: now Tillman has to clean up the mess of overpaid players and get new blood in here to make the team advance higher in the playoffs at a lower price 8)

I've been saying this for awhile now. This is gonna be a bullshit season me thinks.