is it just me or do Argo fans feel left out

Sorry if this topic may seem off topic, but I thougth since this was a slow time before pre season, I would try to spiff up my avitars and signature. This way when posting gets serious, I wont need to fiddle around with my settings. :smiley:
I notice that there are avatar sets for some teams and not all. :frowning:
There is no Toronto Set of Avitars, the only choic for Argo Fans is to use the PostNuke default set.
How would one submit avitars to be shared with other Argo fans who use this BB?
As well is there a way to post a personalized avitar?
Simular to the way Mark has set things up on Yes that was a shameless plug for, but I also enjoy posting here and discussing non Argo CFL topics with non ArgoFans.(you thought I was going to type com after that peried to plug his site again, but it was just a period and not a dot)

Maybe its because this site is set up by Bob's company. Not exactly Argo friendly.
But that's ok, they have to be good at something. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no Montreal, Toronto Or Winnipeg!

I agree, we should be able to add our own avatars.
I would have Montreals avatar in mine.