Is it just me or did Keith get greedy?

I think he saw the chance to be a hero. There was a guy right beside him with a clear run to the end zone. For a second there I thought the Esks were going to blow it again on the final play.

Macocia was certainly fun to watch though.

Keith should have gone outside.....but on replay, it did look to me like Butler had been sacked - I thought the play should have been over right there.....

The final play of the Rider - Eskimo game was one of the most amazing finishes I have ever seen. If Regina had scored there would have been a great debate over whether or not the play should have been whistled down on the sack. It wasn't though and I am just glad I got the chance to see it.

The Eskimos aren't dead yet!

Agreed. I thought that Butler was sacked and the game should have ended their as well but watching Disco Danny as that final play unfolded was worth it.

I agree he got greedy, whether Butler was down is another argument but if Keith pitches to one of the three outside guys they walk in for the winning score (pending review of course).

I'm hearing now the refs called Butler down on the last play and even if the Riders scored it wouldn't have counted. Maybe ro can show us a replay to confirm this.

If the refs called Butler down then why weren't they blowing their whistles and waving at the players to stop playing? I think the play was live until Keith fell over his own two feet from exhaustion.

I don't know it's just what rider fans at are saying.

OK. No problemo.

The only way the last play of this game could have been crazier is if Saskatchewan had scored the winning TD. Mosaic Stadium would have been going absolutely ballistic, and the rider players would have been jumping around in ecstatic disbelief. Maciocia would have almost certainly challenged the call, and the ref would have come back to say that Joseph was down by contact, there was no fumble, there was no TD, there is no time on the clock, and the Eskimos win the game!!! Even though it would have been the right call, I think they would have needed a bullet proof Hummer to get the ref out of the stadium alive.

Two problems with this one the coach cant challenge in the dying seconds, and two it was butler not joseph but u are right about the bullet proof hummer but i think even that wouldnt be enough, they would need the entire infantry division they had at the opening of the labour day classic in order to get out alive.

True enough, but my point is still the same. I don't think that was a fumble, and had the riders actually scored the game winning TD on the play, I think it would have been overturned by review. Perhaps it would have to be the refs in the booth that asked for a review in the last minutes, and not Maciocia, but I think they would have asked for a review.

if they scored the TD, im not sure if it would have been overturned. i agree butler was down, but they need inconclusive evidence, and i dunno if there was. KK got pretty greedy, should have gave it to armstead.

That wild ending reminded me of this classic. Cool they have the last 6 mins on youtube, ive only seen the very last play before on sports shows. talk about an announcer going nuts!

I dunno, the refs already blew one call with review tonight ...

I too thought Butler was down, though. Keith should have pitched before running into 3 guys, but then it looked like he slipped, which is too bad. Would have been sweet if the Riders had pulled it off - not only because the Esks would have lost - late, again - but because stupid Machokea, who likes to celebrate BEFORE THE GAME IS ACTUALLY OVER, would've been stupidly early AGAIN. Oh well ...

well if the play counts?? i was thinkin the same :roll: why didnt KK pass it back to his right :expressionless: always thinkin of himself :oops: but the other hand, it shouldnt of came down to the last play. we blew it again :oops:

Had Keith not lost his footing, he could have punched it in. He was five yards away. At some point, someone had to make the move.

It is stupid to blame him. That was the craziest play of the year, and when you are down to nine lateral passes on the game final play to win the game, you can't blame anyone for what you think someone thought while the play was developing.

I wish the Riders had succesfully scored and win, but I am not blaming anoyone for "screwing up" what already was a screwed up play.

I was half expecting them to walk in with the TD. That's the kind of season it's been...

There was at least one Rider player on the outside to his right, some one on the board said Armstead.
He should have tossed it over.
I also agree the play should have been called dead.

LOL, I guess Maciocia will never live down celebrating the 2005 Grey Cup one play early. Kind of like the stampeders hot dogging receivers doing choreographed dances BEFORE THE GAME IS ACTUALLY OVER!!! lolol. Nothing better than watching dances that would make Brittnay Spears blush, come back to haunt them on the highlight reel, after they lose the game. I used to say that they should spend more time in practice actually practicing their routes, rather than practicing 6 man dance routines, but then Nik Lewis was quoted on TV as saying that the calgary receiving corps are entertainers, NOT atheletes. So, I stand corrected.