Is it just me or are there more of us

Just in the last couple days (starting saturday night) has nayone else noticed that there seem to be a lot more als fans on this site than there usually are? On a good day we have like 4 regular posters and after a game maybe one thread about hte game nad thats it. Now Im seeing a whole bunch of als ‘fans’ that seemed to just appear out of nowhere to bash the bombers. AM I the only one that noticed this?

band wagon fans my boy

You've lived in Montreal for how long?

Montreal fans are really not loyal fans. Perfect example. Remember Jose Theodore, how he was the hometown hero. All of a sudden, people hated him, and said they never liked him...

I'm in the clear on that....I do not now, and never have, lived in Montreal. But I've been a loyal Als fan since the early 60s.

That said, I don't go in for blind loyalty; if a player is screwing up or a coach is, I don't mind speaking my mind about it.

And I like to think I don't bash other teams. I am a CFL fan first and foremost. Mind you the officiating this year is making that rather difficult......

On the same theme as "is it just me.....?"

My wife pointed out something to me during the game that I had not noticed before, are we the only ones that think this....

A closeup was showed of Clinton Wayne with his helmet off (yes, yes, the big goof should have been ejected for attempt to injure on Stoddart, that's not the point here)....and my wife said to me he looks like Ted White. I looked, and damn if I didn't agree with her.

Anyone else think that?