Maybe by June, JUNE will know CFL Football..LOL

Maybe by June, both JUNE and Austin will have lucrative NCAA gigs down south. :-\

CFL News?
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June Jones AND Kent Austin could have potential coaching opportunities in the NCAA in 2018 - @TSNDaveNaylor #CFL #Ticats via @CFLonTSN

I don't care if Austin goes but I sure JJ stays

NCAA? Maybe the two of them will hire Manziel as a water boy.

Camp Countdown clock: 8)

Hilarious…someone with the right attitude?

Especially since the remainder of this season is a write off.

This will be the first year since 2013 that the Tiger cats will not be in the post season…

How desperate does an NCAA team need to be to hire Austin as a coach? In his last 18 games as HC he went 3-15.

Austin getting an NCAA job for '18 = a million, or more, reason$ to $mile for Caretaker. ;D
Here's hopin' !

I am not Austin's biggest fan, but I would like to see him stay in his current role. He has less pressure now that he is not coaching; and can help assess talent.
June needs to learn how to manage the clock.....and run the ball when we need 1 yard!
The off season improvements(if any) will be critical; otherwise get ready for another subpar year.

About as desperate as the team that takes Collaros on.

tigger ! Great to see a post from ya just like the old times 2004-05 when the Young Era started still no Cup with a 5 year plan ??? My wife misses the flowers in the washrooms !and good old IWS

There is no homefield advantage in this stale donut box ! those were the days!

I agree that Austin should stay. I wonder though if both he and Tillman will be retained as it’d be easy enough for Austin to take over the GM role in addition to being VP Football Ops - similar to Huffnagel in Calgary.

I have wonder just what Austin’s “current role” is or, at least, how he spends his working hours. Remember his “pressure,” we’d have to assume, was previously reduced when he gave up the GM title before last season. That occurred just 2 months, in the off-season, after he was awarded, by Mitchell, a contract extension to cover 4 seasons ('16- '19) as “Head Coach, General Manager & VP Football Operations.” When his contract was extended his coaching record here was 29-25 regular season, 4-1 playoffs & 0-2 in Grey Cup games. Since, with just the 2 titles, it’s 7-19 regular season & 0-1 playoffs.
Certainly something’s gotta give in the management structure. I don’t know if there’s ever been another CFL team where the titles Head Coach, General Manager, and VP Football Operations were held by three different individuals. I can see that long contract, and quite likely a high cost of getting out of it, being a reason for the club to follow tabbiefanmcb’s thought in choosing to combine the GM & VP titles. However, based on experience and connections, if that contract didn’t exist would Austin be the best choice?

I hope both Austin and Tillman stay.

Tillman found some great young players for us this year (ex. Jalen Saunders, Reiker Matthews, Nikita Whitlock, Davon Coleman, Richard Leonard), made some smart trades (dealing Chick and Gable, and acquiring Shamaud Chambers), filled some big holes (signing Tony Washington, and DB's like Muamba), and contributed to a good draft (McGough is a great special teamer who may blossom into another Capciotti). My only criticism of him might be that we should have had two quality starting OT's to START the year (maybe this would have equalled a better performance from Collaros?). The team was bitten by the injury bug from the start, and made the team look worse than it was.

Austin built this team into a contender. He can do it again by helping Tillman build up our team depth.

I also think that the team would be crazy to let June Jones walk. He gets results. Who would we hire in his place? Noel Thorpe? Tommy Condell? Marcus Brady? Mike Benevedes? Paul LaPolice? No thanks. June Jones is very well liked by the current Ticat players, and his input into free agency and the draft can help us build an unstoppable offence. Combine that with Lolley's D, and we're right back where we should be.

ottawacat: I exchanged Tweets with Dave Naylor today about his comment on Austin and Jones who “could have potential coaching opportunities in the NCAA in 2018.”
I asked him if he had more information about this.
Apparently not.
He replied …“Was just pointing out that both have that option because of their backgrounds.”

Given Austin’s 11-19 record during his three seasons at Cornell, he may not have too many options.