Is It June Yet? Yes, and it's Pride Month!

Ddn''t feel much love coming from you, When you resort to name calling, it shows you've lost,

nobody should be excluded, nobody, not you or me,

you can't even begin to understand what lost is.

the irony of that statement is oozing.

And yet... you don't want it "preached" or "in your face", and refuse to go to a game that "pushes an agenda". That in and of itself is exclusionary.

I don't want any agenda pushed at me at a game.

you know nothing about and yet put me down, let's just have some repect. I wish you no ill, respect other opinions, that what you want me to do,

what agenda was pushed at you at what game?

But... I bet you're okay with Remembrance Day, or Cancer Awareness, or any other multitude of other "agendas" that are presented on game days....

actually no

I'm not quite sure what you're getting upset with exactly . Pride Month is the month of June . The league is slated to hopefully start up in August . There are no games scheduled for the month of June and another full month in-between (hopefully) before start up in August . So in essence your stating that you won't go to any games because of this "agenda" is a moot point .

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Forgive me, but I'm not sure I buy that... there's a celebration of something at just about EVERY game - if you're willing to skip any games that have "agendas", you'd be wasting your money as a season ticket holder....

Buy what you want

just remember, you came in to state your comments. In fact, you created a new (fake) user name just to make sure people knew what you felt...

nothing was pushed on you.

only your comments were pushed on others.

now you don't like what is being said.


"pushing an agenda"


respect is not given, it is earned.

I'm almost wondering if you are doing a bit or something.

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Hey might be time for some official CFL person to scoot on in here an clarify some things for this person… Not sure how to flag a thread for the mods, if anyone else knows?

If the CFL is going to support pride then responding to attitudes like this one is a huge part of the responsibility of offering that support… so… @redandwhite you wanna weigh in on this?

Interesting that this particular thread has spawned the largest number of first-time (allegedly) posters to join the forums since Johnny Manziel came to the CFL.

…so we’re clear I don’t represent the league in any official capacity so whatever my thoughts are truly are just mine…

…I think that the campaign itself is the response to all fans where the league stands on matters of acceptance and equality for all…I desire these things in society and if a thing like Pride Month is the way society accomplishes these goals, or begins to move closer to these goals, then what’s wrong with that?

…some people will be upset with that and say ‘I come to the football game to escape all the outside stresses and worries and now my safe space is being infiltrated by the very things I’m trying to temporarily block out’ and I get that thinking because I thought that way too for a long time but now I’ve come round to think there’s a reason these issues are being handled this way and that’s because we really can’t ignore them any longer….society changes and for our present moment in history this is how it’s going down, like it or not…I’m choosing to be open about it and listen more than I talk, so now I’ll shut up…


Some of us are trying to forget that

Then how about you respect the CFL and other posters on their opinion about Pride month?

Interesting about these "new" posters though.

One, even though pretending it's his/her first time here, he or she knew enough to single out Red for a response.

So that makes it pretty clear it's a fairly regular poster with a new handle.

Why can't they come clean? Are they too embarrassed to admit who they are?

I'm having some success. . . I can't right away off the top of my head name any of those Manziel fanboys who flooded our forums, so that's progress anyway.

Only one I remember was Sea-biscuit or something like that!
After an entire season the guy never wiped the brown spot off his nose