Is It June Yet? Yes, and it's Pride Month!

June is Pride Month and the CFL is celebrating!

This month is a chance for everyone to support and celebrate LGBTQ2S+ community.

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Shame on the CFL for force-feeding us this nonsense for a whole month!! I'm disgusted and embarrassed for this organization.

So you just sign up to make this comment?

Thanks ever so much for your contribution. Not.

Good job the season hasn't already started because there could be mass confusion at Argonauts games.

Somebody holding up a sign displaying LGBT but it turns out it stands for "Let's Go Bethel-Thompson"

You're darn right I did and I stick by my statement, Madjack!!!

In order to be credible with your reply, you may not want to leave your reply with "Not." It is neither a complete English statement, nor an argument, not a conclusion. How am I to take you seriously?!?????

Okay have it your way.

I do not thank you for your contribution.

You've never posted here before (unless you are hiding behind a new handle), so to come here for the very first time and post a vitriolic negative comment I find unfortunate.

Perhaps you'd care to explain just what you find so 'disgusting' and 'embarrassing'.

Men should be men and women should be women.

As a 40 year season ticket holder with the Tiger Cats, and a former military veteran, I find it embarrassing to have I league I have love to come to this. Plain and simple

men ARE men and women ARE women. What does that have to do with pride month?

How does that happen?

You mean that you were once a veteran, but are a veteran no longer?

Seems to me you can be a veteran, or you can be former military, but I don't know how you can be a former military veteran.

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Be proud of who you are if that's what you want to do. But don't wave it in my face all the time. I'm not pushing my agenda on others, please respect my right not to be subjected to yours. As a long time season ticket holder, I will not attend a game that pushes this agenda. CFL - entertain us, and leave the preaching to others.

Every time I think that we as a society are making progress, comments like these made by Canadaian and jpref66 show me just how far we still have to go...
And as far as using being a veteran as an excuse for embarrassment - I assure you sir, those serving in your wake are likely far more embarrassed by you than you are by Pride Month.


You are assuming that Canadaian and jpref66 are two different people.

I am not so sure. . .

I have never contributed here before. Are you willing to have me wave my beliefs in your face on a daily basis? I think not. Please respect me and keep yours to yourself.
As to society progessing, Progess or regress depends on your viewpoint. I wish to respect each person and their right to an opion. Please try to do the same. When I want to know yours, I'll ask.

Oh chill out. ALL I said was that I was not sure if you and Canadaian were the same person.

That's all.

Nothing more and nothing less.

I'm chill, It's you that seems to have a problem with opposing viewpoints.

Well I am sorry that that is your impression. . . I do not understand how my saying I am not sure if you and Canadaian are different people or not means that i have a problem with opposing viewpoints.

I was ONLY talking about whether you and he are different people or the same person using two names. That's ALL.

Your previous references to progress and regress relates not to anything that I said but another poster (Stampsgirl). . . so if you have a problem with her expressing her opinion take that up with her, not me.

What is your problem with my comment. see my comments below.

what a surprise.

a CFL forum exhibits neanderthal viewpoints and comments.

this league is truly destined to fail.


Pushing an agenda?


You are a clueless old coot.

I'll buy an extra season ticket just so jokes like yourself can crawl into a dark hole and die.

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Your comment that Pride Month is an "agenda" that is being "preached" at you tells me that have a lot more work to do. As long as members of the LGBTQ community are told "don't wave it in my face", there is more work to do. The CFL, along with every other sports league, is doing their part to help marginalized communities know they are welcome, included and EQUAL. There should never be an athlete in a locker room who feels he has to stay in the closet or lose the camaraderie of his teammates, or a child that is afraid to try out for community sports because they're made to feel different.