Is it dumb, or is it dumber

possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen to officially come out of football

NFL cracking down after Cowboys, Eagles, other teams caught violating this obscure rule (


glad they’re cracking down with warnings. if it’s against the rules and gives the holder/kicker any advantage (and it does) then it shouldn’t be allowed.

officials and league just warned them so far, not like anyone has been sanctioned.

maybe that’s why Maher missed lol

I agree with them not being able to use any other object, but a blade of grass???

yea i found that a bit weird but then i figure if it’s big enough that the holder is using it, then it must help. any advantage should be negated.

Are they actually using a single blade of grass to help .... with the spot ?

a blade of grass on a grass field .

must be nice to have such good eye sight to find it .

Maybe with a low speed game like golf .... and take your time

No way I could find it in time even when my eye sight was great .

Sounds like a talent to be able to do that .

As I knew that CFL place kickers are allowed to use tees, I did a little checking and found that kicking tees are prohibited in the US after high school.

I don't get the blade of grass problem either. In golf, a game that historically has the strictest rules and rule enforcement of any sport, it is permissible to pick grass and throw it into the wind to test speed and direction. It is also permissible to use cigar smoke for the same purpose (the Michael Jordan rule I call it).

This all leads to the question of whether it would be legal for a place kicker to test the wind by using cigar smoke?

Only option appears to be to read on the app. Can you give us the gist?

they should be more worried about getting end zone PI calls right

Not really. Getting the ball down and down perfectly in the moment you have to do it is an advantage. A pin that's off vertical can absolutely affect the kick.
In the new golf rules they call it "the skill of playing the game". This would be the same.......