Is it Christmas??

Is it Christmas? Kinda feels like it.
Anytime the Argos lose and lose big, I always feel like I got this great big gift. Hehehe. And it came with Alouette gift wrapping.

Enjoy your weekend Argos.

I like your style :smiley: We haven't even played yet but that doesn't matter. I AM feeling a lot more chipper than I was at this time yesterday :wink: (to those who don't like games like this, I took a nice little razzing at the hands of the Argo fans last week so I have a right)

I'd like to know where the low life Argo posters are who were laughing at us last Friday??

Come out from under the rug boys....

Pin ball said he's underlined the remaining games with the Ti-Cats.

He rested Damen Allen and Avery yesterday,well Damon had a sore finger,but that never stopped him playing the week before at home .

He'll be there next Saturday,they'll be there full force,not like the lay down performance in Montreal.Puffs!

I did'nt get to see the argos game last week... how did Allen do?

DA held the clip board well.

They decided not to play Allen (sore finger)and Avery apperantly didn't travel to Montreal even though he was listed as playing .