Is it better?

I thought everyone was onside with the fact that this was going to be a rebuilding year. All the fans were screaming about the need to clean house…so they did. So what’s the problem! I know no one thought that a new team filled with rookies was going to tear up the league right off the bat or did we? Folks we have got some great players out there.

Here’s what I see after two games…

Maas is not the answer. He has to go. We could use his salary elswhere like extending Chang’s contract.

Stay with Williams and Chang and let them learn the CFL game. Chang looks like a quick learner. After throwing that interception he started dumping the ball into the flats when the receiver was covered. Besides its tough throwing in a player when your behind 22-2. His options are limited and the defense knows it. This kid reminds me of Flutie but he’s very green. We must be carefull that we don’t put too much pressure on him right off the bat with our expectations.

The offensive line could use Hudson back to give it stability.

I like the defensive line as I do our new linebackers. Excellent potential.

The group of defensive backs we now have are miles ahead of what we has last year.

The specialty team is terrific.

Our receivers need help. Anderson should be what the doctor ordered.

This team is better than last years. Does it mean we will win more games? I don’t know. But we are on the right track. The wins will come. We as fans need to chill a bit and park the negative stuff especially when we know that everyone from Bob on down in this club are busting their butts to get Hamilton a great team.

On a personal note. I’d like to thank Bob for stepping up to the plate for Hamilton and the Cats when we were almost dead and gone a few years back. I for one will keep the faith.

Now that I'm over my gametime disappointment (I just HATE losing to those guys, yet again), I have to say I couldn't agree more with your post. I assume you'll soon be hammered by people who disagree, so I thought I'd take a moment to say: well done.

I assume you'll soon be hammered by people who disagree, so I thought I'd take a moment to say: well done.
Hopefully not. Agree or not, its a rational, constructive post.