is it because we're the Als?

What’s amazing to me is how no one but the Montreal Fans (and the odd BC one) is making a big deal out of this blown call, which lets be honest, was a BIG DEAL. It was a BC penalty, the touchdown should stand and we should be tied.
I wonder if it’s because it’s the MONTREAL Alouettes.
If it was the Argonauts or the Stampeders, probably even the Ti-Cats it would be all over CBC, TSN, perhaps even ESPN, but because it was only the MONTREAL ALOUETTES, it’s way more minuscule.
Does this make anyone else as mad as it makes me?
I feel like the reffing against us (habs as well) is always so biased.
Especially on CBC and TSN.
It’ always “what BC has to do to WIN the game” or “Toronto is playing amazing, too bad those Als defense are in the way”.

Maybe it’s just me, but its REALLY annoying to always be the ‘bad team’

Le but d'Alain Coté, y était bon... :wink:

Nope :lol: :lol: nice one.
That series of blown play was bad.